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144,000 Activation Campaign

" ... I have never felt comfortable joining groups. Ever.  Socially, or in Lightwork.  I believe I always shy away from groups because I can feel the dark, It's confrontation is a waste of my time and energy. So I work alone. This 144k sounds/feels right - Finally... Thank you ... "


Hi Jim,

I love all the work you are doing!   Fabulous events happening and your work and all you are connected to is something I feel I can trust!   


Again, thank you for all you are doing as I see it is developing into some fantastic work here  :  )

Sarah, MO

Thank you for all that you do in the fight for our planetary liberation. I know it's not easy putting yourself at the forefront of the fight, but by doing so, you give inspiration to others that want to join the fight.

I know in my case, I'm not much of a joiner or a follower as it's an issue of trust (Jim Jones of Guyana). But you have proved your trust-worthiness over and over again which is why I use you as one of my main sources of information for the liberation of Gaia.

Keep up the good work!


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