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Full Session - 1hr
with Counseling & Coaching during session
[currently unavailable]

Here you will receive full energy work, down to soul level … but on MANY layers/issues at once, not just one layer/issue. This is one of the primary differences in working with me & The Teams.
Whatever challenge you have, it's fully confronted & transmuted... to allow you to progress to your next step in your evolution and journey back to the immensely powerful, happy & free being that you truly are. All possible thanks to Light Beings far beyond the level of what we're all familiar with...

Any struggle you're currently suffering from right now, is simply caused by any one of, or several of, the interferences shown below ... and are thus is currently coming through your energy system. This inner reality is both manifesting and/or reflected back at you as your 'outer reality'. But your primary reality is always within.

If you're a Lightworker, you'll have comparatively more external interference as well, because you're here to also help liberate this planet.

I'm certainly no stranger to this, and I've always followed the cardinal healer's rule: " Healer ... heal thy self " ... to be in a position to heal others, and this has given me first hand  experience with how all the things in the chart on the right trip us up at critical moments (timeline selection moments) in our lives.

The chart covers all the things that are removed or transmuted, during the full session. It's a good summary of all the things that are keeping you where you are now, from where you want to be, (or where you 'think' you want to be, based on your current level of awareness).

Things like wealth ... happiness ... the love of your life ... are things that you naturally attract to you once you remove enough of "that which is not you" (see below)... because abundance ... happiness ... and love... are basic aspects of who and what you really are.

All times shown in the booking calendar are in US Eastern Standard Time.

After you book, you'll receive an email confirmation that includes my Skype name & your booking details.

Cost: $197 USD.

If the cost is beyond you right now, you can simply use the Internal Compression Breakthrough (ICB) guided audio, where you'll still be in the same time/space with me & The Teams, and get the same treatment/full service as this live one-on-one service, minus the live counseling.

For those who do use the ICB Guided Session (which can be used over & over again for profound & deep self-healing with The Teams, at only $137) … you have the option of getting counseling & coaching from me, live on Zoom  … for only USD $100 for 45mins. Totaling a more affordable $155, over several days, since they're 2 separate payments in several days.
Email me at: with your receipt of your ICB purchase to use this option.



Your Inner Reality Reflected Back At You As Your Outer Reality

... Another way to put it:

These are the distortions in your field, coming through you & creating your 'reality'.

Ego/False Self
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