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Internal Compression Breakthrough

(Guided) MASS-Clearing Session

work with Macro-Level Light Beings from way above the multiverse (and brilliant beings from within this Universe)
from the place of Omnipresence
with proper connection to your Omnipresent, All Mighty I-AM Presence
to rapidly reach that elusive critical-mass-amount of internal healing where 'more light, than dark' comes through you (compression breakthrough)
to really call the shots in your life
... with this special 100 clearing sessions into 1 ... method 

" ... sometimes ... specific, singular focus is needed on specific issues that may have manifested in your life ... to clear the root cause & multitude of downstream effects of these issues, or to clear & manifest specific goals. So it also helps you achieve specific goals in your life ... whereas the breakthrough 4 Phases System pretty much takes care of everything else... "

Jim Tourtsakis

The Science of Finding & Clearing That Original Event
... That Cast That Original Die 
That's Been Influencing or Running
The Main Areas of Your Life 
For So Many Lifetimes

An instrumental part in making things happen for yourself, is bringing the REAL you to the fore ... to truly unleash YOUR power & thus call the shots in your life.
This can only be done by getting BACK to who we really are!
Your true identity.

The focus will be on clearing a single specific issue that's been plaguing you for either most of your life, or something that's more recent & now you want to REGAIN your natural ability to transform this situation.
You & I know there are always specific things that come up (or currently exist) like really acute situations that you need addressed & resolved asap!
Or something you just need quick relief around now ... to make your path to your power & freedom a lot easier during your journey to The Event.
You need that jump-start in resolving something that's UP, right now ... to lighten the energies around (and many times completely transform) something very specific.
This is where singular focus during a session with me & The Teams, and knowing the steps to take when presenting it to them, can make all the difference.
This guided [audio download] session, where we'll be in our own time/space (even though it's a recording) can be on:


  • something specific you want changed, that will either end it then & there, or

  • will magically attract to you the 3D resources you need to free yourself from it

  • or greatly alleviate whatever this specific affliction may be.

I'll show you a process of presenting to the Macro Level Light Beings your current situation (a specific thing you want transformed, improved or cleared) and then showing them the result you want.

Some things need singular conscious focus during energy sessions, to resolve them more quickly. By downloading this guided session ... you can also greatly augment & complete your energy clearing repertoire with whatever you may be using to heal & clear yourself now.


This isn't just training ... this is deep & mass energy work the Teams will perform on you, from the space of Omnipresence, along with your Higher Selves & I AM presence.

We'll get down to the ultimate root cause ... that initial event that cast that original die ... which started that long karmic imprint + all the downstream residuals & affects, which are the likely cause of that specific something you want to be free of, or have transformed or alleviated.


Whether it's affected:


  • your finances

  • your relationships

  • your career or 3D success

  • sticky 3D family imprints

  • your physical health


... we'll get right down to that original event that set it all in motion many life-times ago (in most cases) which is the true cause of this specific issue. Whether it's a trauma ... vow ... contract ... false persona ... or belief ... implant ... trans-lifetime entity ... portal ... attachment ... etc, etc.
Starting new periods of linear time on the highest timeline has generally made all the difference in our experience, before venturing out on grid-work missions or project developments, business goals ... or manifesting overall goals.

And of course, you save a huge amount of money because you can use this guided session (recording) over an over again, avoiding the need to be so dependent on hiring expensive healers. The Teams and I will guide you ... protect you ... and hold you by the hand through the clearing process. And even train you!









Free yourself from or alleviate practically any stubborn situation you're in now - or that may come up - to constantly jump on the highest timeline possibility again & again. 

  • USE it & work with the Teams, your higher-selves & I AM Presence to blast through any specific issue or challenge that comes up ... as you forge your way forwards to calling the shots within the 3D matrix.

  • have more of your TRUE light come through you, so the inherent abundance power & freewill within your true light then creates & manifests an outer reality that's an aligned reflection of your abundant, joyous self.

  • be more in control of your emotions, by clearing that horrible emotional charge when this specific issue comes up so you can remain anchored in the NOW. The only place where your solutions, power & choice exist. And be able to UTILIZE these. 

  • no longer be afraid of facing challenges. Face any 3D practical steps without the dread & with confidence, not fear ... because you'll FEEL more of your BIGNESS, that's not afraid of anything & can handle anything.

  • naturally ascend to the timeline where the help, resources & solutions are there, waiting for you. They're often right there in front of you right now but you can't see them because of all the 'noise' going on inside you thanks to the interference coming from the true cause of this specific issue.

  • use it once for one issue ... use it twice for another ... use it every single week. Use it every time you want to get clarity & that higher self perspective each time you go up to the Teams & your Higher Selves.

  • by using this powerful tool each time you need it to make things happen for yourself, you can restore your 3D dignity, pride & esteem within the matrix & the world around you. So that your 3D self aligns with the BIGNESS of your true identity.







When you RE-DISCOVER what you can actually do with your consciousness FROM the physical plane, and the fundamentals of how space/time works ... you'll truly grasp your real power.


Jim Tourtsakis

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