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Remote Light Mandala Sessions


What does The Light Mandala Do?

In a nutshell ... it's a technology that repairs the body’s energetic and informational fields (programs) by nourishing and healing damage while correcting discordant energies ... all done through pure sacred geometric resonant light refracted through sacred crystals.

The Truth & Power of Sacred Geometry ... and how it works.

Sacred geometry is the language and blueprint of creation, based on shape, form, wave and vibration, from which the entire universe and all matter is formed. The science of sacred geometry can be traced back to the ancient civilizations of Egypt and Greece, and it continues to be studied in the modern science of fractals.

Light Mandala tools emit these pure, non-distorted & aligned sacred geometric fields of coherent light through the crystal lattice structure (inside the tools), producing uniquely resonating bio-compatible photon fields. These pure photon fields interacts with your body’s energetic and informational fields, and corrects (brings back into divine blueprint alignment ...) your field ... such as your aura ... non-physical bodies ... etc, correcting discordant energies and neutralizing disruptive ones.

Inevitably ... because your mental ... emotional ... plasma ... spiritual & astral bodies are the blueprint that your physical body falls in line with ... your physical body then starts to improve because your non-physical bodies are cleared of any distortions.

Divinely aligned brain wave and bio-field entrainment is another way to describe this process.









The critical need to align the sacred geometry structure of water in our bodies.

You probably already know that 73% of our bodies are made up of water. Negative experiences, thoughts and all forms of discordant energies effect the geometric structure of water in our bodies ... which then effects our health ... emotions ... mental performance & our ability to receive higher sensory guidance & information. 

Furthermore ... DNA codes (for things like protein synthesis & proper cell reproduction) ... are transmitted to messenger RNA by the emission of mini ultraviolet light bursts via the medium of geometrically structured water molecules. Hence the need to heal & align the geometric structures of the water molecules in your body, with the help of the Light Mandala.

Cutting Edge Crystals that ARE Tachyonized.















Unlike photons ... electrons ... protons ... neutrons, etc ... tachyons are still being studied & understood by scientists because they vibrate at such a super high frequency ... it's to the point where they've been found to exceed the speed of light, and circumnavigate time. Esoteric teachers say tachyons were the first particles ever created ... and no negativity can exist within them.

Light Mandala tachyonised crystals produce harmonically down-scaled tachyon fields, slowing down these cosmic particles ... allowing their beneficial effects to be conveyed to the energy field of the receiver.


Benefits include:

  • chakra healing & balancing to balance and harmonize your thoughts & emotions so you can perform better in your day to day.

  • 3rd eye healing ... so you can receive or see higher-self & higher sensory guidance & information to make better decisions & also accelerate your re-activation/evolution ... and overall path to life transformation.

  • help with ailments, acute or chronic ... that have reached the physical level to give you freedom from the life-disruptive pain.

  • remove negative energies & programs from your auric field & lower bodies ... so you can stop manifesting a lot of your "outer reality" - from your inner turmoil & negativity that is being reflected back at you.

  • shut down many portals on many levels ... so your life isn't so influenced in such an unwanted – free-will violating way by that which is not you ... so you can have even more control & freedom to call the shots in your life.

  • remove, or heavily neutralize & heal from implants ... so you can be free from having your life run by them as well, for even more freedom, joy & abundance to manifest through your field & into your outer reality, thanks to you inner reality being in better shape. 

  • ... and much, much more.


You can choose from this list what you want the Light Mandala to work on. Pick one protocol per session.

  • Complete Healing Protocol

  • Chakra Balancing Protocol

  • 1:1:1 Protocol

  • Basic Environmental Cleansing

  • Intensive Home Cleansing

  • 5 Elements Protocol

  • 20min EMF Session (on special at $35)

  • 20min Pineal & Pituitary Balancing (on special at $40)

  • 30mins EMF & Pineal/Pituitary Combo at $55


How to get this tool to support your healing, clearing & evolution back to your natural state of joy ... abundance ... and power. 

To harness this powerful tool by adding it to your repertoire of support in your return to the power & abundance of who & what you really are... simply click the "book now" button below.

Cost: $75 per session

(except for current specials listed above).





To receive this acceleration in your evolution ... after you book:


  1. Email an image of yourself with your payment receipt, booking # and the name you booked with, to:

  2. The image should be a closeup of your face.

  3. Let me know what issues you are having and what you would you like to work on with the Light Mandala, and include this request in your email.

We can't wait to hear from you! 

FULL Sessions

Complete Healing Protocol

Chakra Balancing Protocol

1:1:1 Protocol

Basic Environmental Cleansing  

Intensive Home Cleansing                               listed under 'Full'

5 Elements Protocol

$75 for 45mins


20min EMF Session

(on special at $35)



20min Pineal & Pituitary Balancing

(on special at $40)


30mins EMF & Pineal/Pituitary Combo

at $55




How to make the absolute most of Your Light Mandala Session

One of the main guiding principles (more like fundamental facts ... here at Return To Your Truth is ... it is your consciousness & non-physical support & your connection to your Higher Self that will heal you & "get you there"... in a general & ultimate sense.

This must always be your primary focus... and the mainstay of Returning To Your Truth & Power.

You'll be shocked & amazed at just how much you can actually do on the healing of your soul & non-physical bodies by using your consciousness ... once you're shown how. 

However ,,,


All too often ... people anxious for healing & outer reality transformation through inner reality transformation, make the mistake of thinking or treating something like the Light Mandala or any other "awesome gizmo" ... as something that's:


 ... "going to do it all for them"...

... without the primary focus on critical consciousness raising & soul level healing.

So inevitably ... if you use your light Manadala sessions to  clear your field and your energy system BEFORE doing a Full Soul Retrieval Session with me and the Teams, you will find that you are able to return to the truth of who and what you are much more quickly and powerfully.

Using the leverage & support of the Light Mandala can make all the difference for you ...


(... but only if you apply the truths explained above!)


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