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Jim Tourtsakis & The Teams

For most of my life I was isolated, introverted, and heavily run by fear. I also had asperges, so my ability to integrate in to this world and be a part of it was damaged. The ramifications of which put me through intense suffering ... loneliness ... with a self-asteem that was almost non existent.

Like so many asperges sufferers ... my head was too much in 'the other worlds'.  All I would read from age 13 was Arthur C. Clarke & Isaac Asimov science fiction books. It wasn't till much later in life I discovered that the biggest ... most dangerous ... 'mover & shaker' beings who incarnated on this planet were implanted to produce autism to varying degrees, as only one of the many ways of keeping beings like us 'in check' ... (no, autism is not only caused by vaccines).


Of course, like most of us, I was stuck living out (more like repeating) past life karmic loops ... karmic imprints ... vows to others or things ... agreements or contracts ... traumas & woundings coming up & through me, wreaking havoc every time I tried to make my life better ... and so on.


These were the primary reasons why my small business & marketing career would not 'work out'. Enough was enough, and I dived into personal developement, which quickly led me to the non-physical worlds of energy ... which practicaly runs everything here too. What many reffer to as spirituality.

Thankfully, only the second psychic practioner I hired was the one who introduced me to The Teams. It was here that I found out what's truly keeping us all 'locked down' to a low & dense way of existence.

I invested heavily in weekly training for 7 months straight, where I established my own solid connection with The Teams ... fully grasped & applied the connecting mechanism to all realms & dimensions beyond the physical realm, and to my mentor's surprise ... I was able to go straight down to soul level events/traumas from past lives, on only the second time I went up to them. A rarity for her clientelle.

This began my long road to healing & clearing -that which is not me-... Naturaly & inevitably, I returned to being -more me-... and the power that entails. The rest as they say ... is history.

I've done so many healings on myself & freinds, that I decided to do this for the public.


The Teams

So what's so special about The Teams, and who are they?

If you've been at this for a while, you'll know all about the Archangels like Archangeal Michael ... Rafael ... Katumi ... Metatron ... Garbriel ... and others like Sunate Kumara, the creator God of this universe who is refered to by some as Oberon , etc.

These wonderful Beings of light are what I call 'Intra-Universal' Beings of light. They exist within this Universe, as do some levels of The Teams I work with.

Then we have beyond omniversal or multiversal Beings of Light. And the short of it is ... they're just far more powerful. They can handle any level of darkness and rip through it in no time... (transmute).

No matter what level it is ... no matter how amorphous it is ... it's a case of 'no job too big'.

They are much closer to Source (in the general sense), and generaly don't intervene in any universe, unless instructed by Source.

To our awareness, this universe is the main one they've intervened with... because this is where darkness, through the 'game of contrast' and interaction with something called the Primary Cosmic Anomaly (not negative itself, just highly random & anomalous) ... got really out of hand ... went far outside the original purpose of Source, spiralled out of control and started infecting other Universes.

The good news is, both these beyond Omniversal Teams  & Intra Universal Teams are drawing to a close this epic saga, with this solar system being the last one to liberate, and this very planet being the focul point of the cosmic clearing & transformation, ( ... believe or not).

So all will be fine, regardless of how you feel right now. It's time to get you cleared, healed and back to your natural state of joy, bliss & freedom.

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