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Chi Gong (Pranic) Wave Machines

4 Phase Exponential Healing & Clearing System - Important Info

Congratulations ... on taking the sensible action of accessing this program to greatly accelerate your return to your truth, where your power ... freedom ... and abundance lies.

(POWERFUL TIP: Read below.)

It's time to break free from my personal time limitations with giving one-on-one sessions & your expense of one-on-one sessions.


Furthermore ... the breakthrough 4 Phase Exponential Healing & Clearing System has been developed to break free from the standard layer-by-layer ... (or) issue-by-issue method of clearing ... thus drastically dissolve the 'frequency prison' that has effectively imprisoned you ... and humanity ... in the lower densities where the intrinsic natural abundance & power of your soul are mostly not allowed to shine through & reflect back at you in your 'outer' reality ... because of that-which-is-not-you ... is in the way or distorting your natural beautiful energy.


Time to say goodbye to all this ... once & for all, by blasting through all this 'stuff' like never before, and greatly accelerate your return to power, as much as your egoic conscious personality can keep up with.

You'll be amazed at how powerful & beautiful your True Self really is!


ps, POWERFUL TIP: In the Phase I session, there's a point where I mention 'black spheres'. So at his point, if there's a particular burning issue you currently have, you can visualize or "imagine" all the darkness & root cause of this issue or challenge inside one of those black spheres. Then just continue to follow the instructions as normal. This has been found to work well or many people. After the end of this session, as you go on about your day, don't "worry" about whether it worked or not. Start to get higher perspective & take the pragmatic steps to improve your life.

This burning issue can be as simple as a constant negative emotion you have been feeling, (when it comes to taking certain actions for example), or a bad life situation (that's most likely manifesting from something unresolved inside of you), or a bad 'habit', and or constantly repeating or 'attracting' particular negative things. 

Go for it .... Your higher self is supporting you, and we'll be right with you. TAKE THE ACTION

Chi Gong Wave Machine - Important Info

Finally ... bring in positive, healing, natural Life-Force Energy (Chi) into your bodies (physical & non-physical) and clear out negative blocks/energy (negative Chi) on autopilot ... while you watch or listen to something, or do other relaxing activities that doesn't involve moving. Choose your model by clicking the appropriate image above.

Standard Model:

  • Monitor the level of good chi entering your body.

  • Amount of flow or energy entering the body shows up on red monitor.

  • Plugs into the wall.

  • Comes with patches to attach to the body.

  • Sponge box for hair covered areas, including for head/scalp hair.

Advanced Model:

  • Monitor the level of good chi entering your body.

  • Monitor the level of resistance from the bad chi in your body.

  • Shows chi blockage degree, amount of flow, time elapsed, strength, and power of bad chi extraction.

  • Plugs into the wall or works with battery.

  • Comes with patches to attach to the body.

  • Sponge box for hair covered areas, including for head/scalp hair.

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