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Private Investor Proposal

... for Gridwork / Planetary Liberation

My name is The Unknown Lightwarrior. I am of Arcturian heritage. My partner and I have led operations of mass-clearings in critical power-centers, vortexes & ley-lines, mostly in the US, Europe & Africa ... as part of the quickening & smoothing process to The Event (making The Event happen much sooner),

We also sometimes liaise & work with Cobra, and therefore the Resistance Movement, the Agarthans, and the Ashtar Command, among other groups.

Basic details of our work, and locations, up to this date are password protected ... and available to potential investors who:


  1. self-select themselves after reading the qualifiers below

  2. continue an make an inquiry via the contact form below

  3. are ready to help us get this planet ready for ascension and the Event.

You must be clear that you'll be joining a small group of Investors, not sponsors, or donors. You understand that this is about investing in operations that will greatly quicken & smooth the Event timeline, thus:

  • yield a Return On your Investment (ROI) in the form of Collateral Accounts being released to you and your family, along with all of humanity ...

  • be the beneficiary of nationalized central banks providing debt/loan free government credit, controlled by a representative government, thus returning the money system back to public control ...

  • understand, agree & support the outlawing of usury, (artificial scarcity/poverty creation)...

  • therefore assist in the manifestation of the financial system required to begin infrastructure works & roll-out of manufacturing to proliferate the mass provision of advanced healing & age-reversal technologies energy ... reversal of environmental damage, re-greening of deserts and re-forestation ... anti-gravity transportation (incl space travel)... replicators ...etc, etc.

  • Re-establish official contact and co-existence with positive non-terrestrial humans, that will assist us in mass psychological, emotional and spiritual healing of surface humanity.     


3). You are in an affluent enough life-situation that allows you to make either; a substantial one-off investment amount or modest monthly investment amounts as part of this small, select, private international group of investors who agrees with all points made above.

4). You do not have:

  • the ability to sacrifice substantial amounts of your personal time

  • the necessary amount of know-how, mass energetic clearing skill set & ability for mass clearing of power centers, at this point in your evolution

  • the ability to put your life 'on hold'

  • the ability to effectively deal with physical & non-physical reprisals

  • the ability to regularly travel (for non-remote work)

  • the ability to constantly sacrifice your personal income earning to do the necessary work involved in making The Event occur within the 2017 window, not the 2018-2025 ending period of the overall ascension cycle.


If you agree with, and or fall into the categories and points made above, then you may be ready to join our Planetary Liberation Investment Group.

Please send an email to:  with the subject line:

ATTN:  Investor Inquiry for Planetary Liberation Operations

... include the following information.

  1. Your name, or pseudonym, or code name.

  2. Your intention to become a Planetary Liberation Investment Group member and why planetary liberation is important to you personally.

  3. Whether you, or the group you represent, wishes to make a one time investment, or lower monthly investments through an automated system.

  4. Questions you may have.


You will then be sent a briefing about our current project, and invited to join our Planetary Liberation Investment Group.


As a member, you will receive regular reports on activities carried out, that quicken The Event, and restore free-will and unconditional freedom to Gaia & humanity.

Yours truly...

The Unknown Lightwarrior

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