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Business, Project, Organization Clearing
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Part of a movement, company or organization that's full of great people, but is not even close to its potential?
Hitting a block with a profit or non-profit project ... or having endless frustrations? 
Is what you're doing or a part of ... even aligned with your soul purpose, at least within this incarnation? 
Is the problem even within the collective entity that IS your business, company or organization ... or is the problem within your individual internal system, and it's another case of your outer reality reflecting back at you an internal issue you may not be aware of?
Every business, project, company, movement or whatever kind of organization you may be a part of, is a lot like an entity in & of itself. Most groupings of people form a collective entity with its own structure, and:
  • its own energetic (non-physical) systems
  • its own intent/purpose
  • it's own limiting beliefs ( ... "that's just how we do things here")
  • it's own sphere of attraction
  • its own curses, issued consciously or sub-consciously by disgruntled employees, members of the organization, or clients
  • the building it's in, or the land that it's on...(negative portals and vortexes)
If a certain part of your 'collective entity' is infected & run by darkness ... yes, you're likely to have problems, frustrations & missed opportunities which really limit your organization.
Probably the best example of my experience in this is when we (The Teams & I) worked on a whole government. We cleared it's Parliament building ... and within 4 weeks, this government 'showed signs' of starting to break free of its controllers & behaved in unprecedented ways that defied any 'logical explanation', given the country in question.
And this country was one of the main bastions of the proverbial Powers-That-Were ... aka, the Cabal.
See this Case Study Below.
All times shown in the booking calendar are in US Eastern Standard Time.
After you book, you'll receive an email confirmation that includes my Skype name & your booking details.
Cost: $250 USD.




Berlin - The German Reichstag (Parliament), Goddess Obelisk & Brandenburg Gate. 


Purpose: To clear all darkness influence of the heart of the EU & Nazi Faction control of their 'Plan B' of World War II... which achieved the same level of political & economic control over Europe.

This was also an unplanned clearing... that was preceded by a big attack on us. As with previous work, this was done in front of the Reichstag building, at a beer garden across the street.

Clearing of sacred geometry, portals, vortexes, non-physical fortifications/negative fields & systems, power-center intents/decrees, location based gate-keeper entities, 'management' entities, internal systems clearing, etc ...were performed (mostly on the Reichstag), ending with a pillar of light from the galactic center, the summoning and invocation of the Divine Feminine & a Goddess Vortex being anchored & programmed/commanded to remain in that location.

Primary physical indicator of success: Unprecedented German parliament vote & recognition of the Armenian genocide committed by the long-time, closest German ally (since the 1800s) Turkey, in 1915... approximately 3 weeks later. This even surprised me.

Two months after that, Germany did an about-face, and sided with Russia against the Cabal, OFFICIALLY making preparations for The Event, including mobilizing 600k militia against a pending false flag.   

" ... I literally found myself saying ... "The Africa Project has completely transformed...", days after my session with Jim. We were plagued with permit issues, visa issues & logistics issues left & right. Our contact was asking for more money as well & we were worried about his integrity too. Within only 2-3 days after the session with Jim, all these headaches just dissipated. It was amazing ... Jim explained that the history of the region was the source of all the interference that was manifesting as "logistical" issues... Things turned around after he & his Teams cleared & healed all the non-physical effects of past disasters, including healing for many people involved in those disasters, as well as the damage to Gaia's various energy grids ... "


George H, MI

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