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1. 4 Phases testimonials

I did the Phase 1 this afternoon and could really feel the energy of it all and felt completely peaceful afterwards.

Yes , I did feel lighter after and very relaxed and peaceful.

I also slept for nine hours that night which is really unusual. I usually wake up on and off through the night and rarely get more than about six hours. Although the nine hours has not been repeated the sleep I do get has been much deeper

Yes, you may use it as a testimonial!

Claire L. UK

For phase 1 -4, the work clears all high level hooks and false claims and wounds by the Archons first, and then does a DNA/spiritual upgrade once you're cleaned out/up.  I wish I had found this when I began working with shamans - but sadly enough, Jim was still working on getting this put together then.  For all the shamanic clearing work I've done, this is the most gentle integration of all of them.  And I've worked with 10+ shamans personally.  I literally just felt relief and there was no kick-back or clearing of emotional triggers after the work, which is NORMAL for shamanic work!

Jay G. TX

So here was my experiences.
Throughout both phase one and phase two, I experienced the following:
Tingling sensations
Increased sensitivity
Purple visuals
Awareness of physical pain and aches
Fixing of some of these pains
Feeling Lighter
After the clearings, my intuition has increased, I see more synchronicity, I get more gut feelings, I receiver more impulses outside my rational mind. Overall this has improved my connection to my higher self and source.

West, CA

I was struggling with a lot of repressed anger which seems to have settled down a lot!
Subconscious fears (from upbringing) have decreased..

During the session, I visualized our group and our travels very clearly..

I felt like a huge clearing took place, and afterwards picked up my violin and I felt more clear and creative.

I felt a lot more peaceful. And able to embrace truth without fear.

A Bracanov. NZ

Dear Jim,


I did your phase II Healing meditation and it was really interesting. Going up was fun, I felt a little motion sickness, then it went away. As you directed me to the activations when I was on the healing table, I really got nauseas. I thought that was very telling. Like my body was showing me how bad the lower vibes made me feel. I feel like I was completely aware and yet at the same time in a very deep place and lots was going on.

All in all, I look forward to doing both one and two many times.

Jen, UK

Hello Jim,

I wanted to get back with you about Phase I.  Indeed you were helpful in suggesting another go or two at the meditation.  I focused more and it made a difference.


(5 days later)... I just completed Phase II and felt a definitive, gentle shift.  I went to sleep that night and awakened feeling much more clear and able to experience more joy in my day.  Even in the face of experiencing changes (includes uncertainty) in the work I offer, I feel more clear and grounded.  I am excited for the changes to come.


I will definitely keep in touch and be listening to GCC radio broadcasts!

Sarah, UK

I know you always want experiences/feedback ... I would have to write an assay, with all the changes happening, as I do a Phase every 2nd day....


I am a completely different person... emotionally, mentally (my thoughts have changed), and physically (lot less pain)


​I see so many changes in me, my environment and also in people.

I am amazed at how fast things change in the physical...

Is that normal?


I worked with the teams on bullying, as that was a major issue for me all my life people always bully me...

a week later, a lady that likes to bully and demand came ... instead of me going into defensive mode... I just smiled at her and my surprise she "asked nicely"


I don't have a problem with things changing fast, as all is changing for the better.

Angela, CA

Hi  Jim,

I just wanted to send a brief note telling you  how thankful I am for the work you both do and for the Teams.

I finished phase 3 earlier today, and right now I feel a good amount of Light in my form and around my form.  The usual pattern from the first two phases, since it's the first time through, is I'll have difficulty sleeping tonight and then have an energetic detox tomorrow.  Maybe I won't this time, I'll find out in a bit.

But I am so excited , because I believe I have never experienced a healing modality that I experience as healing and helpful as this, and I have only done the first three phase one time.  If this continues to be this powerful and I gain the ability and the confidence to contact the teams on my own... after going through all the phases a number of times, then I will experience a level of wellness and protection beyond what I've ever dreamed of!

I am very excited for Phase 4 to arrive.  In the mean time I will continue to do the first three phases.

Caroline, NH

I did both Phase I and II again, in one afternoon, and it made a lot of difference.  I believe it changed some of the romantic issue - where I felt that someone was specifically interfering in a more personal way with everything I do.


Anyway - for what it is worth, I started saying that my intent was to stay in my body during the night and nourish myself, that has seemed to help keep me from getting messed with as much during sleep time.


I am going to do Phase I and II again, and I have Phase III - so will try Phase III after I do I & II again. Thanks so much - I think this is really effective!  

You are right - the dark has infiltrated or messed up all the usual methods that have been used for clearing in the past.  It is wonderful to be taken to the Hod where the interference can’t reach and isn’t effective ... while we get some help!!

Lilian, AZ

Hi Jim,

Just a quick check in, I finished Phase III for the second time this morning.  Therefore, I have completed them all three times.

I am slowly improving in all areas of my life.  The biggest thing I notice is the attacks are less severe, this includes the feeling of electricity running through my body, sexual interference, brain suffering, sweating, and less fear.

I am also slowly starting to take better care of my body, my diet and activity levels are improving.  I have to drink a lot of water, or I get energy headaches.  I have a lot of fatigue and muscle soreness, but I believe that is due to the energetic detox.

I have shared my positive results with three people and encouraged them to look into it.

I'll keep doing the Phases, making contact with The Teams and moving forward.  I just got your email, thank you.  The shame is less.

Thanks again for all your work,


Melissa, FL

Hello! I have purchased and completed (Phase) 1, 2, and 3 but am unable to find 4 to purchase. Please assist, thank you!! Your sessions are INCREDIBLE! I did find best not to do before bedtime as the energy renewal makes it very difficult to sleep!

Alisha, TX

The very first day after I did phase1, I could feel a very positive physical change in my life already, which is continuously ongoing.


After phase 3, I was triggered very strongly, but was able to call in "the teams" to help me transmute it, in a relative short time.

Now... when I think of the "trigger" that has manifested in my life for 30+ years, there is absolutely no more emotional charge.

When memories came to my mind from people that have acted hurtful, almost beyond bearable sometimes,

I was able to stop those thoughts and think...what positive can I remember about that person...soon those thoughts stopped all together.

And now is absolutely impossible for me to have negative...thoughts or emotions...towards them, as all original cause's have been cleared and healed. 

I could never thank Jim enough - for these wonderful, wonderful tools.

Mia, Australia

I started with Phase I and II .. especially Phase II, I felt very strong (lots of flashes until at some point everything stood still in one huge white flash)  .. nice synchronicity: I did each session  when traveling.

I am so grateful for your 4 Phase tools,  which for me have proven outstandingly profound and efficient    (... and the above you  may use as testimonial too, at your discretion :-)


Georgina, Switzerland

You see, I finally DID purchase the Phase 2 and did it yesterday night.

And BOY, was THAT ONE RIGHT UP MY ALLEY!!  I had this trail of hot quiet tears all over to my back! 

No doubts left, this is for me! 

The reason for my previous question was just in case Phase 2 turned out to be as mild as Phase 1 was for me ... But then I re-listened to your audio and when I realized that is where the family  'stuff' was -BAM. Right on the money -I will tighten my belt a little and keep on with the next -next week.


Thank you so much for your kind answer!

Also, the attacks had been MASSIVE in my life by that time, and their effects did stop cold turkey after the 4 Phase sessions. So that might also be a reason why I didn't feel it so much, as It brought me back to a "normal" that had been missing for a couple of weeks!!

Anne, CA

Thank you for all of your input, especially regarding protection.  I appreciate the help and tips.


I just did Phase 4 and it was wonderful.  I can't wait until I'm ready to repeat this phase.  I feel more like "normal", something I haven't felt in decades maybe.  It took awhile for the egoic self to be ready for this phase.  I am so pleased I reached a level where I felt ready for all the things covered in phase 4.  I am feeling so much more hopeful and less worry in general.  It is a huge sense of overall relief that I now feel.


Yes, please feel free to use any feedback I've written you.  You can use my initials or first name and Denver as a location.


Thank you again for all of your assistance, help, dedication and tireless effort to serve the cause of the victory of the light!  I can't say enough how the 4 Phase system has helped me.  I am so glad I was guided to your website.  THANK YOU AGAIN.   


In peace,

N H, Denver 

Just finished phase 4.

Well I had a lot of sensations, from tingling in physical body, energy waves through my 

crown, and a heat wave in my energy bodies. I felt a lot of light coming in.

As you know my mind has no problem  accepting that all was "real".

I don't know yet what the physical changes will be and how soon I will feel them, and of 

what nature they would be, but I know many things have started to happen, as I feel a bit

ungrounded and that is my first sign of "a lot is happening" in the physical.

Love the new shield and protection!

Lee, MI

I began your Phase work.  I felt a subtle difference in the beginning, yet definitely a clearing and something deep was developing.

Days later, something deep & nasty was starting to come up. I guess it was finally able to, thanks to the first Phase session, and that my being was ready to release now.

The next time I did a Phase, I followed your advice & asked the Teams to look into this and clear it.  I definitely felt much clearing going on and energetic magic, so to speak.

Kelly C, WA

Hi Jim,

I just wanted to drop you a note to again express my gratitude for this work. I did suffer some sort of attack over the weekend. it was very strong and in my back. I did Phase1 again today and it cleared it right out. It was interesting that they also mentioned that it served me in some way to be able to clear out even deeper existing entities. I guess they were joining the party.

I have been hearing many leaders speaking about the uprising or increase in demonic and like energy attacks. I have been experience a lot of "distraction" or debris in my field. This clearing has helped but the external world still feel cloudy. I will continue to use the recording once a week.

Alisha, Australia

I have used the 4th phase in the 4phase system 3 times now in a row (3 weeks).

The first time, I disappeared (went unconscious) in the beginning but soon came back and it felt very good. Did not take any break between the 2 parts. Felt quite sharp and good afterwards.


The other two times I have dropped out suddenly in both sessions. It is not like fading, it is like someone just pulls me off and I do not even catch it or feel anything before it happens and I notice when I am suddenly back.

It seems my DNA has some upgrades to go through, before I get accustomed to such real DNA work. Quite intense.


Heidi, Sweeden 

I completed phase II last night.  I had recently asked for a solution (from my I AM presence) to take back myself from all the crap that wasn't me.  I believe it was the next day, or maybe two days passed, but I remembered watching your webinar & looking at your site a few months back (COBRA interview timeframe).  


I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia & PTSD, and tried traditional medical treatments for about a decade.  I ended all the medical treatments few years ago, cleaned up my lifestyle, worked on/through things a lot.  I did make progress finally, but it was slow, I certainly still have deep physical trauma.


Phases I & II have had a huge impact on my physical symptoms.  I knew I would eventually recover, but with the Phases, I feel it will be a lot quicker than I anticipated.  Sometimes it hurts a lot, but it is more a productive pain, like after going to the gym, in contrast to my typical pain which wasn't really promising.


I am definitely going through way more water & electrolytes than usual.  I highly recommend the Phases to anyone with similar physical/emotional trauma symptoms, with the caveat that healing might hurt a bit before it gets better.  Also, to take it slowly before proceeding through each phase.  It feels like an accelerated type of physical therapy + emotional release (very somatic).


To summarize, I feel there is nothing to fear for someone with physical/emotional ailments considering the Phases, in fact, recovery is possible/probable.


Thank you so much!


Don K. CO

I  have been on a path of awakening and holistic healing for many moons, for over 45 years. I have been tapping acupuncture points to decrease stress and blood pressure, and have expanded my deep breathing and meditation practice, not  to mention calling upon Lord Arcturus and the Arcturian healers to assist me.   And even after all this, the results have been inconsistent and not sustainable. 

I am still subject to fluctuations in my systolic pressures by as much as 30 points per day after 2 months of turning up the heat on "taking responsibility" for my situation. The really odd thing is that on most days, I feel peaceful and content.  So, hypertension as the "silent killer" is being brought home to me, so to speak.


I started the 4 phase program about 2-3 weeks ago.  I was motivated for several reasons. I wanted to be a part of the 144K contingent and felt it was important for me to verify what the 4 phase program was about and also, of course, I knew I needed some extra help with my health situation.  Admittedly, I did not wait a full week between sessions, because I wanted to get quicker results.


But after the first 2-3 sessions, I saw my blood pressure decrease by as much as 20-30 points in a single day, but it would still go back up but not to the same degree.  I also felt lighter and more relaxed around family and was breezing through work with greater ease. (I work as a physical therapist in a geriatric rehabilitation center.) But even a few days ago, my systolic shot back up to 164.  So, wow, what more can I do now except resort to high blood pressure medication, 

So, I prayerfully asked for guidance which resulted in being inspired and guided to repeat phase 1 of the 4 phase healing system again.  This was on last Wednesday evening, 11/29/17.


Then afterward, something very special and profound occurred when I laid down to transition to sleep. That all too familiar voice of my Higher Self began to resonate the thought within me, "Be Still and Know That I AM." This kept repeating itself it seemed like throughout the night as I would drift in and out of  sleep.  As I would hear and repeat these words, I felt the energy of The Conscious Light in my heart center deeply expanding and penetrating into my body and soul.


These words, "Be Still and Know That I am God," are found in Psalm 46:10 and ones that I have used as a mantra on and off  for many years ever since coming across that most precious little book, The Impersonal Life.

Anyway, when I awoke in the morning, my blood pressure had dropped to 134/78 and I felt well rested. 


That evening, much to my surprise, the B/P reading was close to the same, and has been so for the past 3 days, morning and evening.  This is completely atypical for me not only of late but for the past several years. Also, and more significantly, the connection with my higher self has been forged in a deeper way that feels like constancy and an assurance in a way that I have never really experienced before.


So, I believe what has happened is just what the 4 Phase healing system promises, that ones connection with the deeper aspects of their Higher and True Self is made and unfolds, step by step. The words of that inner communication continue and keep taking on more meaning and understanding. 


I just feel so grateful and relieved that this process of real healing from the inside out is taking place in my life.  It also feels like this experience is facilitating a lift and magnification and amplification in the collective human consciousness energy fields, and it is my truest intention that it be so.

Nathan, NV

Hi Jim,


First, I want to thank you so much for offering this program! The Phase I session was ground breaking for me. I can't begin to explain how much it has changed my life already. 


I experienced intense energy, crying and what I call 'goosebumps' (it's like what I get when my intuition is telling me something) throughout the session. I saw what was causing my troubles taken from me on the platform and it was cleared. It felt incredible. I felt, at the end of the session, loads of energy and happiness. Happiness that I haven't felt since I was a child.


So, I felt up to moving to Phase II the next day. I went through Phase II today and now, I am feeling like I have been through the ringer.

In Phase III, I felt much like I did in Phase I. My connection was the deepest it has been yet and it has remained so since completing the phase. I feel happy and new, refreshed. I am in a good deal of physical pain, but that is probably normal for all of the changes & detoxing reaching the physical level.

I have not been so aware of my Ego and ability to chose before... It is like I have only been healing a smidge part of my Ego in the past 20 years of psychotherapy. Traditional therapy, I believe, has its place in that we need our Ego to feel safe as well... but my husband and I had no idea that THIS would be what it means to 'WAKE UP'. I mean, we thought we were ahead of the game a bit even. But, wow, nope. The world is in for some deep healing come the Event.


Thanks again! So very much!

Kylie, IL

(Phase I): A couple of hours after the session as I was going to bed: felt a sense of familiarity and comfort, like a very subtle deja vu and a feeling of 'home'.

The first night of the session: very vivid dreams about feeling free, living on a tropical island. Also dreamt about ex partners so may be integrating something about them.

The next morning: I feel kinda new! Lots of strange feelings, a strong sense of nostalgia and memories throughout my life coming in. I feel like I'm integrating everyone I've been in this life, let alone other lives. I need a lot of space to let this settle and to rediscover who I really am without the influence of other people's perspectives. This feels big!


I think it's probably a combination of this life, past earth lives and off-world stuff. I wonder if it's been kind of symbolised to me as coming from this life because at various points in this life I have tapped into and expressed different aspects and dimensions of myself from other lifetimes. Does that make sense? Here's more feedback:


It's been 24 hours since I experienced phase 1 and I feel amazing! I feel more 'me' than I can ever remember feeling. I almost feel nervous about how confident and powerful I feel! After a few weeks of having a dark night of the soul in which I really felt despairing, and not seeming to move through it, I suddenly have snapped back. I woke up with tons of energy and I have had strong focus and clarity with my life purpose. I even built a web page (which I thought would take me weeks to do) in an hour while my partner made dinner!!! Maybe I've become superhuman ;) I can't wait for phase 2!

2 days after: Jim I can't tell you how much that healing has changed me. I feel amazing. So much energy and focus, and a lightness I haven't experienced in longer than I can remember! Ascension symptoms are ramping up too but in a nice way :) (Taken from WhatsApp)


4 days after: It’s been a few days since I had the healing now. I feel like a completely different person. I feel like where before I could only see limitations and reasons for things in my life not to work, now I feel like all the doors have opened. I feel like anything is possible and rather than being battered about by life, I am now at the driving wheel taking charge. It feels amazing! I am really excited to see what evolves off the back of this. I am hoping that I feel steady and secure enough in my own healing journey to now focus on being of service to others.

Kathrine, UK

I have been working with the 4-phase system now for approx 3weeks. Phase 1: - 4 times, Phase 2 - 3 times and Phase 3 - 1 or 2 times. 


It really feels like "present time". I have a block in believing that is deep so working on that but I feel it goes better and better as I resonate with your work and feel your deep sincerity and determination and that helps.


Phase 1: I do not feel that much during phase 1.


Phase 2: Feel more. Second time something was still hanging on in the last part with the 3 layers. It was the first layer and I perceived it may be a false truth core that I have been working on for many years to get rid of. It was like a string going down from the first layer back to me. Asked the teams to continue working on it. Did not see it last time I did Phase 2 but had other sensations of release.


Phase 3: Have just done this 1 or 2 times (memory is not what is used to be.....) Also feel more in this phase. 


Will let you know more when I have worked longer with it. During the first 2 weeks I did it every second day, so it was intense. Now I have slowed down a little with once a week.


Asa, Norway

... anyway, the Phase system is my mainstay.  I am continuing to use it twice a week, working through all the mind programming that has devastated my life.  I still have difficulty with trust of self and others.  When I have judgement and emotionally disturbing thoughts, I defer to the Teams, and continue with my day.

Overall, I can say that every aspect of my life is improving.  Even when I worry that working with The Teams will end in disaster and continued mind manipulation like Oregon did and the more recent experience with my ex, I remind myself that my I AM presence and my higher selves are involved and put trust in that, and continue my retrieval with the Phase program.

Agetha, WA

Hi, I'm from Sydney and just did phase II. Words can barely describe the gift that has been given to me through you. You are f#%@$@g amazing and I owe you a beer.

I'm going to do the rest of the clearings but this phase was a big one. The calm I felt was unmistakable. These are going to help so many people. Word needs to get out so more people can experience this!

Thank you again :)


Xavier, Australia

Hi Jim,


First, I want to thank you so much for offering this program! The Phase I session was ground breaking for me. I can't begin to explain how much it has changed my life already.  I experienced intense energy, crying and what I call 'goosebumps' (it's like what I get when my intuition is telling me something) throughout the session. I saw what was causing my troubles taken from me on the platform and it was cleared. It felt incredible. I felt, at the end of the session, loads of energy and happiness. Happiness that I haven't felt since I was a child.

Sondra, ID

The last go around of Phase 1, 2 and 3 cleared SO MUCH.  The work helps me also clear a lot of unreleased trauma trapped in my nervous system, especially a lot of past life trauma (that I was not consciously aware of).  I hope I'm in the home stretch because I've been doing months and years worth of clearing and frankly I am getting tired! 


I know I would not have cleared and released trauma at this very deep level without your 4 Phase system.

I have deep gratitude and appreciation for the work that you do.  THANK YOU SO MUCH, THIS IS SAVING MY LIFE!


Nicole, NY

Hello Jim,


I am a starseed/lightworker/energy worker from Germany and here is my feedback after having completed phase 1 (on October 26nd) and 2 (on November 2nd) of the “Four Phases Healing Program”.


Before I started working with you and the Teams, my situation was really bad. I suffered from severe depression and exhaustion on all levels that was so extreme I almost felt paralyzed and wasn’t able to even complete easy tasks during the day.


This has been going on for years with increasing intensity. At first I referred this to the ascension process. Later I realized that these heavy symptoms must be attacks. Very often I had a very uncomfortable sensation in my brain, like some pressure put onto it or energy running through it, making me feel sick and depressed, cutting me off  from Source. For me it felt like psychic/energetic torture that was almost unbearable, and as I found no real means to deal with it, I lived in a state of fear of how to survive energetically.


Of course I tried many many things, went to healers, acquired some healing techniques myself, nothing seemed to work in the long run.   

Therefore, when I came across your website, I wasn’t very impressed at first. But I was so desperate and in a situation I had nothing to lose except some money, so I wanted to give it a try.


I am so very glad to be able to say today that, as a result of the two sessions, I feel much much better now! The depressions are gone (except from some mood swings during the last full moon), and my energy levels are also much higher! I feel “normal” and like being myself again, as well as comfortable and secure inside. There are no words to describe my relief!!!


Furthermore, it seems that some family issues have been healed. Since my awakening, I have been suffering from frequent attacks from my mother (or rather some entities that were using her for that purpose) which caused a lot of emotional pain, leading to emotional estrangement between us. Last week-end, she visited me for my birthday, and we spent two harmonious days together, and even my husband noticed that my mother’s behaviour had changed significantly.


Although I have only completed phase 2 (will do phase 3 tomorrow), and the fact that for me time will tell if a healing was really successful, I am very optimistic now that THIS IS IT, the ultimate, long-lasting healing I have been waiting and working for for many years.


I can image how much time, work and energy it took you to develop the abilities to create this program, and I honour and thank you for that. There is no doubt you are an outstanding healer.


As I do not have much money at the moment, I also appreciate that you offer the program for a very reasonable price, that is below its true value. May we all live in true abundance soon!


I feel so positive right now. I am so glad I will recover and be able to do even more to fulfill my mission. I sense that the Event is very close!


Now let’s bring it to an end and finally liberate this wonderful planet!


Thank you again Jim, and the Teams.


With love and gratitude,


Hi  Jim,

Concerning Phase 3, which I did on Thursday, here again some feedback:


I noticed that my ability to actively participate has increased. Actually I was travelling “up there” very fast and had to wait for you. ;-)

When we were dealing with holes in the aura, although I am not particularly good at visualizing things (I am more the energy feeling type), I noticed a huge black “clump” in my energy field. As Phase 3 was basically about implants, devices etc. I felt a pressure in my head already when travelling up.


I have had implants removed several times by other healers (including myself), but I think there still was something that had to be cleared. I also noticed a pressure on my nose bone, which was strange and did not disappear during and after the session


This was the first Phase 3 session where I did not feel much better let’s say 24 hours after the session. Instead, I became very tired and then started worrying if the phases would still work for me. This has happened EVERY time with all healing methods I have tried in the past, so this fear is still there. But l realized some detox symptoms, & 48 hours after, I noticed that the process was “through”, that things have been released and I was fine again.


I cleanse my aura from entities regularly and the last time I did this I noticed there weren’t any, so it seems that my aura is better protected now thanks to Phase 3.


Still feeling tired now and have problems sleeping, but I think that’s part of the process of channeling high ascension energies which is my major role at the moment.


I will definitely do the phases as recommended by you, one phase per week, and I am looking forward to any further improvement this might bring.

Kerstin, Germany

" ... I was so overwhelmed by the nastiest attacks, it was insane. The macro level Light Beings Jim works with were robust and 'heavy duty' enough to transmute what turned out to be vast amounts of external interferences... Thank God... I can't thank them enough ... "

Michael B, CA

2. Individual one-on-one healing testimonials.

" ... In my first session with Jim, I physically felt entities being taken out through my stomach. The best way I can describe how I felt after the session is ... back no normal ... just fine ... my happy busy normal self. Everything just stabilized, despite how horrible the upheaval I was going was ..."


Harold S, VA

" ... We moved into a townhouse where we got attacked so badly. Everything was going wrong with our move, and it was just horrible  & such a big struggle. We later found out that very negative events took place at that townhouse building. Dark ritualism apparently. The teams cleared a negative portal that these rituals opened up, and traced it back to their source, and transmuted their source too. Thank god for The Teams and their beautiful channel, Jim ... !

Tim M, UK

" ... My past life healing, imprint erasing & soul fragment retrieval didn't really ramp up until I started doing sessions with Jim & the Teams. So much makes sense when he explains why I was going through what I was going through in this lifetime, after each session ... "

Tim M, UK

" ... If you were to ask me who the most powerful lightworkers are that I know, hands down it would be Jim and his partner (and I know a lot of lightworkers!) The problem with healers nowadays is that there aren't many who are willing to face the darkness as much as the light. And for those of us who have had the misfortune to have powerful and terrifying encounters with the dark forces, it can leave us feeling alone and like there's no authority or specialist in this area that can help us.


Jim works with some incredible light beings to do massive clearings of people, places and things. He can clear anything that is not of the highest light, down to the deepest darkness. Having had some unfortunate brushes with satanic beings and forces, I can honestly say that Jim has saved my life more than once! I do not know of anyone who could have helped me the way he has. He consistently supports me and I know if my situation is looking really bad, that he's there for me. He is one of the kindest and most generous souls I know.


As for the power of his healing abilities and the teams that he works with - they're next level!!! I work as a healer myself, and his gifts are off the charts. He has the ability to transmute vast realms of negativity as well as powering you up and upgrading you so you're more sparkly and new than you could ever have imagined!

Jim is the best healer I've ever met and I can't recommend booking with him enough. His services are priceless so more than worth every cent ... "

Ananja Isis, UK

" ... All my life I've suffered around the issue of family, or more to the point ... the complete absence of it. I never really had one, and this has caused a lot of sadness & suffering for me. I'm also a Lightworker, so darkness really doubled-down on me, through this wounding. Jim and the beautiful but powerful Light Teams cleared all of this, and saw the traumatized little girl from this lifetime, and healed that part of my soul. He then went deeper, to the ultimate cause of not having family who truly loves me. The event that started it all, so to speak... He saw me back in Atlantis, lying on grass, looking up to the sky, and experiencing the first shock & fear of being cut off from my galactic family because of the veil. He suspects it was my first experience of the veil during my first incarnation on this planet, and being my first experience of being separated from my galactic family. A very bad trauma for me, and darkness certainly used it against me in this lifetime. After the session, I felt so much better, and lighter ... THANK YOU brother Jim ... and those beautiful Beings of yours ... "


Ema, MO

" ... Jim did a great job. I was sexually abused as a child, which I confirmed through muscle testing years before my session with Jim, but the memory was so bad that it was deep in my subconscious. After the session, I can say I did feel lighter in the chest area & very relaxed. Thank you once again Jim & Teams ... "

Tony, NH

" ...The emotional turmoil from the separation I was going through with my wife was horrendous. After the session with Jim & The Teams, I was MUCH better. When Jim saw the soul fragment & it's retrieval, he said I married the same woman many lifetimes ago as more of a sacrifice of my happiness that I agreed to at the time because it helped my political influence, through her family during that era. I was following those same old imprints from that life-time, and inevitably wreaked havoc in this one, where my role, purpose, needs & wants are very different from those in that life-time ..."

Larry S, MI

I called Jim for help when I was getting absolutely assaulted on all levels even with regular weekly shamanic healing sessions for all of the family in the light including pets.

As I perceive it, Jim Tourtsakis is an Archon Removal Specialist - ARS removal if you will.

He quickly discovered I was stationed at an Archon portal network that was worldwide feeding the Houston Archons.  He removed it in a couple individual sessions - not part of phase 1-4 - AND he kept after it on his own time and dime to make sure it took. Literally, he says this sped up the time to the Event by half! So, that's a pretty good testimonial that is first hand.

For all the shamanic clearing work I've done, this is the most gentle integration of all of them.  And I've worked with 10+ shamans personally.  I literally just felt relief and there was no kick-back or clearing of emotional triggers after the work, which is NORMAL for shamanic work!

In my experienced opinion, this is a great place to get a jump start on healing yourself, but it is meant to only be the BEGINNING.  Working with traditional shamans that focus on clearing out wounds and associated false beliefs and feelings one at a time.  This is essential for your own personal growth in my opinion.  This is what has worked for me.  And call Jim when you really need the big guns or choose him for that work as well on your own.  Remember to follow your own internal guidance for what is right for you.

As a side note, I was so enthusiastic about Jim's abilities and assistance that I participated in the recordings of phase 2 - 4. So, I will literally be there in your journey with you if you buy and download his recorded programs for ongoing use.

May it help you even more than it has me!


Jay G. TX

" ... I had to get in contact with Jim in a hurry. I was under so much interference in the form of fear, horrible uncertainty, and emotional chaos. I just couldn't keep on going like this. During the session, I started burping a lot. Jim explained that some people's energy system reacts that way when - that which is not me - as he puts it, gets cleared. The soul fragment he saw was me being starved to death in a deep ditch, that looked like a large well without the water, in the middle ages. He explained that this had a lot to do with why I have so much trouble drawing in energy into my life in the form of finances, and being stuck, not being able to move forward with my life. After the session, I felt back to normal... Just fine ... "

Mark C, UK

" ... I actually felt suicidal, and just couldn't go on living. Life was difficult enough, mainly because of being single & lonely for a lot longer than what I'd wanted. But the complete loss of my ability to even face the next day was partly triggered by receiving very bad news about loosing my much loved apartment shortly after putting so much work & money into it ... to some developer.


Life was starting to get better & stable ... until this bad news came. It felt like everything I worked so hard for, and strived for ... all got ripped away. I just sank into helplessness. I sat with Jim, he took me up to the Teams, and a lot of interference was cleared. He saw two lifetimes. One was in a SE Asian kingdom like Thailand or Burma, where I was a priestess with my twin sister.


We got raided by either bandits or an army, and you guessed it ... everything got ripped away from us. The next one was what originally cast the karmic imprint for that Asian life-time, and god-knows how many others. What Jim calls the core-causal gateway. It was well over 15,000 yrs ago, where I was also a Priestess with my twin sister, and the same thing happen. The Teams retrieved my soul fragments, and I was back to normal after the session, and the issue with my apartment got resolved. So I got diverted to a more positive timeline where this nightmare doesn't repeat itself.... Thank you Jim, The Teams ... and your wonderful wife Ada ...! "


Cynthia, Australia

" ... Jim & the teams saw that my biggest issue in this life-time, that which affected me the most, was simply being born into the genetic imprints of native American ancestry, who were not only brutally ethnically cleansed out of most parts of America & Mexico, but also have always been looked down upon & I suppose literally have been to this day, at the lowest position on the societal totem pole, as Jim put it. This societal totem pole presented itself as a hierarchical structure within the collective human system. Jim said it was very rigid & dense & massively inhabited & controlled by bad entities. So they cleared this within me, but also cleared this horrible structure & the darkness maintaining it. Wow... Thank you Jim, I felt so much better & lighter after this session ... "

Francesca, KA

Dear Jim, I wish to express my deep gratitude to you as well as the Teams for your yesterday’s amazing healing work. Frankly, today I have only a dim memory of what we were talking yet at the same time I am walking around with the feeling of “knowing to the bottom of my soul”. I have too few words at hand to express this overwhelming clarity but I guess the good news is: I need no words to be who I am . When I walked in the morning I dreamt that each food step I take causes white sparkles on the ground and Gaia would feel it .. I now know that this was actually my psychic awareness of finally anchoring the higher amounts of Goddess energies i was always meant to, based on my soul purpose! … I still feel slightly confused and I dreamt a lot, but can’t remember… that’s ok, as I am sure I am being well prepared for our meditation on June 21st. So, once again – THANK YOU. I will keep you posted on developments. From my heart to your heart,



Maria F, Spain

3. Arcturian Hand Therapy testimonials.

" ... I really felt the energy from his hands. I was surprised at how effective it was. I did feel so much better all-round, not just with my chronic stomach problem. Thank you Jim! ... "

Ada T, AZ

" ... Jim's Arcturian hand therapy really did work. I had a horrible pain in my left gut area, between my hip & lower rib. He actually only did 15 minutes, and within the hour, it was all gone. I was amazed ... "

Ema, MO

4. Organizational/Projects/Movements testimonials

" ... I've had the honor of working with Jim & his Teams with grid work and other forms of clearing work in power centers, throughout the Crown Corporation District of the City of London. Theses guys, working through Jim ... are amazing. I saw them clear darkness that was so well lodged & entrenched for so long, and they did it so fast. They seem to rip through the highest levels of interference in no time ... "

David K, UK

" ... Jim works with some incredible light beings to do massive clearings of people, places and things. He can clear anything that is not of the highest light, down to the deepest darkness ... "

Ananja Isis, UK

" ... I literally found myself saying ... "Oh, the Sahara Project has completely transformed ... ", to Jim days after our session. We were plagued with permit issues, visa issues & logistics issues left & right. Our contact was asking for more money as well & we were worried about his integrity too. Within 2-3 days only after the session with Jim, all these headaches just dissipated. It was amazing ... Jim explained that the history of the Sahara region was the source of all the interference that were manifesting as "logistical" issues... So things turned around after him & his Teams cleared & healed all the non-physical affects of past disasters, and heal many people involved in those disasters along with the damage to Gaia's various energy grids ... "

George H, MI

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