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Arcturian Hand Therapy

Arcturian Hand Therapy was something "coming out of me, or through me" ... from a very intuitive place ... over time, and I allowed it to cultivate itself into what it is now. I've intuitively realized during this period, that it has off-world, Arcturian roots.
Done remotely, my energy surgery teams & I will clear energy blocks, implants, balance & tune your chakras, and work on aches or pains you may be having.
All non-physical bodies are worked on, depending on where the issue/blockage lies. This includes your astral body ... emotional body ... mental body ... plasma body ... and spiritual body.
The work here often overlaps with the healing provided in the full hour session on the other page, and vice-versa. Because this work is very intense, it is limited to 20 minutes.
Simply click on the button below, to send me a photo of yourself with your whole body visible, and a short message on what you would like us to focus on. Your image & information will be kept STRICTLY confidential.
All times shown in the booking calendar are in US Eastern Standard Time.
After you book, you'll receive an email confirmation that includes my Skype name & your booking details.
Cost: $50 USD.
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