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Psychic Healing … Past Life Regression … Shadow Work ... DNA Activation … Soul Fragment Retrieval  

… With MACRO Level Light Beings and more.

Work with Macro Level Light Beings from above & beyond this whole multiverse, for unprecedented power & speed in clearing any level of ‘that which is not you’, (they RARELY intervene in any universe, and NO ... most healers do not work directly with Source) ...


… combined with brilliant specialist auric technicians, energy surgeons & ‘bio-computer mechanics’ from within this universe (to ‘re-write’ false programs at all levels, fine-tune your fields & internal systems … re-activate or re-connect long dormant systems … remove implants, portals, cords, entities, etc, etc …).

All life-times worked on… At all levels, frequencies & dimensions of your entire system & who you are, down to your soul level.

No stone left unturned ...


Watch the two videos on the right to see how to make all the above happen for you without endlessly hiring healers ... by using the BREAKTHROUGH 4 Phase System.

What's really holding you back

" ...The Phase work is the only tool that I’ve ever found that consistently strengthens me, heals me and gives me a life worth living ..."   Sonja, CA

... Get YOUR free-will fully restored with the 4 Phase System, and the PLANET'S free-will fully restored by JOINING the 144k! 
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Special Announcement

The 144,000 is being activated. Because of the scope & seriousness of the issue; 144,000 members get a 33.33% discount on the BREAKTHROUGH 4 Phase System … to channel far more Light during 144k Global Mass Meditations … and also help transform their lives without endlessly hiring healers or buying ‘shiny new objects’ … by working with their Higher-Selves & MACRO Light Beings ... like never before.     

Join the 144,000 (per your guidance) by opting in on the right & you’ll receive the discount coupon codes.

Goddess Wants YOU.

Join The 144k


tip of Light Mandala for distance healing
Auric clearing & Energy healing in progress
Company or organization working great, after energy healing from a distance
things to clear, for auric healing
Ego/False Self

Your Inner Reality Reflected Back At You As Your Outer Reality

... Another way to put it:

These are the distortions in your field, coming through you & creating your 'reality'.

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