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Congratulations on completing Phase I & II, and moving on to Phase III of this program to greatly accelerate your return to your truth, where your power ... freedom ... and abundance lies.


It's time to break free from my personal time limitations with giving one-on-one sessions & your expense of one-on-one sessions.


Furthermore ... the breakthrough 4 Phase Exponential Healing & Clearing System has been developed to break free from the standard layer-by-layer ... (or) issue-by-issue method of clearing ... thus drastically dissolve the 'frequency prison' that has effectively imprisoned you ... and humanity ... in the lower densities where the intrinsic natural abundance & power of your soul are mostly not allowed to shine through & reflect back at you in your 'outer' reality ... because of that-which-is-not-you ... is in the way or distorting your natural beautiful energy.


Time to say goodbye to all this ... once & for all, by blasting through all this 'stuff' like never before, and greatly accelerate your return to power, as much as your egoic conscious personality can keep up with.


You'll be amazed at how powerful & beautiful your True Self really is!





In Phase III: We do 9 Chakras, session is about 1hr & 29mins (approx) long, with a more techonolgical & lower bodies focus… (plasma body … mental body … emotional body … astral body … etheric body … physical body … higher spiritual bodies, etc). You'll clear (to your highest current light holding capacity):


  • all negative implants, nanites & devices at all levels and frequencies, affecting both your physical & non-physical aspects of ...

  • your Endocrine, Neurological, and Central Nervous System and your corresponding hormones and physical health symptoms,


  • and any & all replacement technologies, portals, source & entities associated with each implant or device … both internal and external.


  • Clear all Soul Level blockages related to manifesting financial abundance permanently


  • increase or return the Source spark in your thymus… in the best way possible for you, in line with your higher self.



Don't forget to send your feed back to ... I will try to answer you as soon as possible, even if it takes me a few days.



Big 'Secret':


'Know' that this WORKS ... not just because of the testimonials that have been coming in, but also because of how energy works (fundamentaly).


Your 'beliefs' (thoughts composed of scalar waves) collapse non-localized wave-form particles (the state 'reality' is in before you put your attention on it & the particles then localize into a space/time event to form 'matter' or 'reality' after putting your attention on something based on your beliefs & or what you expect to see) ... has a big influence about how affective this is, (or any kind of energy work for that matter).


So if your 'scared' or 'nervous' about whether this works or not ... or 'desperate' for the 4 Phases to work, that will collapse the wave-form particles that certain way of 'maybe not working'.


But if you just accept & know (a form of believing) that EVERYTHING in the 4 Phases works & it's ALL real, then your powerfull mind will collapse the wave-form particles (on all dimensions & frequencies) THAT way ... and this allows you to RECEIVE what The Teams through my conncetion to them can do for you.


So let go of any dis-belief ... relax ... and simply CHOSE what you want out of each session!


It really is that simple ...





Phase III: 4 Phase Exponential Healing & Clearing System

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