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The 4 Phase Exponential Healing & Clearing System

I did the Phase 1 this afternoon and could really feel the energy of it all and felt completely peaceful afterwards.

Yes , I did feel lighter after and very relaxed and peaceful.

I also slept for nine hours that night which is really unusual. I usually wake up on and off through the night and rarely get more than about six hours. Although the nine hours has not been repeated the sleep I do get has been much deeper

Yes, you may use it as a testimonial!

Claire L. UK

For phase 1 -4, the work clears all high level hooks and false claims and wounds by the Archons first, and then does a DNA/spiritual upgrade once you're cleaned out/up.  I wish I had found this when I began working with shamans - but sadly enough, Jim was still working on getting this put together then.  For all the shamanic clearing work I've done, this is the most gentle integration of all of them.  And I've worked with 10+ shamans personally.  I literally just felt relief and there was no kick-back or clearing of emotional triggers after the work, which is NORMAL for shamanic work!

Jay G. TX

So here was my experiences.
Throughout both phase one and phase two, I experienced the following:
Tingling sensations
Increased sensitivity
Purple visuals
Awareness of physical pain and aches
Fixing of some of these pains
Feeling Lighter
After the clearings, my intuition has increased, I see more synchronicity, I get more gut feelings, I receiver more impulses outside my rational mind. Overall this has improved my connection to my higher self and source.

West, CA

I was struggling with a lot of repressed anger which seems to have settled down a lot!
Subconscious fears (from upbringing) have decreased..

During the session, I visualized our group and our travels very clearly..

I felt like a huge clearing took place, and afterwards picked up my violin and I felt more clear and creative.

I felt a lot more peaceful. And able to embrace truth without fear.

A Bracanov. NZ

Hello Jim,

I wanted to get back with you about Phase I.  Indeed you were helpful in suggesting another go or two at the meditation.  I focused more and it made a difference.


(5 days later)... I just completed Phase II and felt a definitive, gentle shift.  I went to sleep that night and awakened feeling much more clear and able to experience more joy in my day.  Even in the face of experiencing changes (includes uncertainty) in the work I offer, I feel more clear and grounded.  I am excited for the changes to come.


I will definitely keep in touch and be listening to GCC radio broadcasts!

Sarah, UK

Hi Jim,

Just a quick check in, I finished Phase III for the second time this morning.  Therefore, I have completed them all three times.

I am slowly improving in all areas of my life.  The biggest thing I notice is the attacks are less severe, this includes the feeling of electricity running through my body, sexual interference, brain suffering, sweating, and less fear.

I am also slowly starting to take better care of my body, my diet and activity levels are improving.  I have to drink a lot of water, or I get energy headaches.  I have a lot of fatigue and muscle soreness, but I believe that is due to the energetic detox.

I have shared my positive results with three people and encouraged them to look into it.

I'll keep doing the Phases, making contact with The Teams and moving forward.  I just got your email, thank you.  The shame is less.

Thanks again for all your work,


Melissa, FL

Hi  Jim,

I just wanted to send a brief note telling you  how thankful I am for the work you both do and for the Teams.

I finished phase 3 earlier today, and right now I feel a good amount of Light in my form and around my form.  The usual pattern from the first two phases, since it's the first time through, is I'll have difficulty sleeping tonight and then have an energetic detox tomorrow.  Maybe I won't this time, I'll find out in a bit.

But I am so excited , because I believe I have never experienced a healing modality that I experience as healing and helpful as this, and I have only done the first three phase one time.  If this continues to be this powerful and I gain the ability and the confidence to contact the teams on my own... after going through all the phases a number of times, then I will experience a level of wellness and protection beyond what I've ever dreamed of!

I am very excited for Phase 4 to arrive.  In the mean time I will continue to do the first three phases.


Caroline, NH

... anyway, the Phase system is my mainstay. 

I am continuing to use it twice a week, working through all the mind programming that has devastated my life.  I still have difficulty with trust of self and others.  When I have judgement and emotionally disturbing thoughts, I defer to the Teams, and continue with my day.

Overall, I can say that every aspect of my life is improving.  Even when I worry that working with The Teams will end in disaster and continued mind manipulation like Oregon did and the more recent experience with my ex, I remind myself that my I AM presence and my higher selves are involved and put trust in that, and continue my retrieval with the Phase program.

Agetha, WA

I did both Phase I and II again, in one afternoon, and it made a lot of difference.  I believe it changed some of the romantic issue - where I felt that someone was specifically interfering in a more personal way with everything I do.


Anyway - for what it is worth, I started saying that my intent was to stay in my body during the night and nourish myself, that has seemed to help keep me from getting messed with as much during sleep time.


I am going to do Phase I and II again, and I have Phase III - so will try Phase III after I do I & II again. Thanks so much - I think this is really effective!  

You are right - the dark has infiltrated or messed up all the usual methods that have been used for clearing in the past.  It is wonderful to be taken to the Hod where the interference can’t reach and isn’t effective ... while we get some help!!

Lilian, AZ

Finally ... you can say goodbye to the old "layer-by-layer, one-by-one, issue-by-issue" method of healing, clearing & re-activation ...


 ... that generally takes years for us to arrive to a healed & cleared enough state where we can call the shots in our current incarnations.


Yes ... one-on-one sessions still have their place, partly because of the counseling the egoic conscious mind & personality sometimes needs. But there's no doubt, ploughing through issues one-at-a-time doesn't work for most of us either, because there's literally millions of soul-gateways / soul fragments / issues that need to be cleared.

 Members of the 144,000 (currently being re-activated) receive a 33.33% discount on ALL Phases because of their role with planetary liberation. You can join if you are guided to (ie: simply want to) here.

Here's The 'Mechanics' of How You Can Break Out of Prison … To Naturally Manifest Abundance, Happiness & Power By Returning To Who & What You Really Are Without spending Decades Doing Internal Work?



Step 1 … Firstly, Understanding the following 4 fundamentals:

  1. With audio/video recordings, you’re in the same time-space.



So I have to get in to some fundamentals of energy, so you can understand how the best solution to this frequency prison works.


It’s been found that working on a large group, is just as effective as working on one person. Several years ago, a practitioner who got tired of doing one-on-ones, and tired of the sticky entanglements that occurs with many of his needy clients in the after session emails, decided to hold a webinar, did the same work on all these 11 participants, and the results were the same as his one-on-one session. So that’s what counts.


And how many times have you purchased a personal development course held & recorded long ago, at you got just as much out of  it as those who attended live?


Felt like you were right there with'em right?

That's because you were ... energetically, and energy doesn't work with time & space in a linear way, only in a simultaneous way.

2. Most “individual” wounding & “unique” issues are similar to everyone else, or Universal.


We all have the same problems really. The things you need to clear to liberate yourself from are the same or very similar in nature.


  • The right protocols, the right commands

  • and high enough levels of Light (ie: intensely powerful very senior Light Beings) that ARE with you during this same time/space,

  • as well as the universal fundamental & all important element of your intent & command


… are now combined to give you every bit as good a clearing, healing & activating as a live one on one. The specific past life trauma or vow or agreement for example, doesn’t have to be seen specifically.

Don’t believe me?

Check the testimonials.




3. What you Choose … With Your Intent … Applied To Your Command … Is More Powerful Than You Can Imagine.

Intent, is one of the basic mechanisms of creation. And as an extension of Source, let alone all the 12 dimensional higher aspects of YOU … you can use & apply this basic mechanism of creation.


Especially when you’re shown how to, with the right protocols & commands, in the company of high levels of Light who will clear the path & assist when required ... and upon the authorization of your higher-self who sees that it truly is time for a given intent to be fulfilled … and sees that you really are ready to return to who & what you really are … by drastically stepping up your evolution.




4. Light-Beings of High Enough Levels of Light/Seniority … Let Alone Macro Level Light Beings, Can Connect to Omnipresence Instantly & Be in All Time-Space AND Space-Time At Once, Clear FAR More & Heal Vast Amounts of Your Current & Past Life Issues/Events Simultaneously … Because Time Is Simultaneous … Not Linear.

There's a lot more to to All-That-Is ... than we could possibly imagine, and so much still awaits our discovery.


Don't assume that after the Arch-Angels there's just Source. There's so MUCH MORE Levels of Light with even greater amounts of seniority thanks to where they are in the evolutionary scale.

Beyond Multiversal Light Beings rip through Darkness (or, that-which-is-not-you, if you prefer) ... in no time flat. But just as important ... can handle any level of darkness.




The 4 Phase Exponential Healing, Clearing & DNA Re-Activation System.

A Massive Breakthrough In Returning To Your Truth …

Where Your Power … Freedom … and Abundance Lies


The 4 Phase System is 4 pre-recorded guided sessions where you’ll be right with me & the Teams, being protectively & lovingly guided every step of the way.


Because every kind of trauma, wounding, lie and all other forms of interference affects and or relates to one of your chakras, everything can be found through each chakra.







So here’s what this program consists of:

In Phase I: We do 9 Chakras, session is about 1 hour (approx) long.

- 1st Chakra (Root) … 2nd Chakra (Sacral) … 3rd Chakra (Solar Plexus) … 4th Chakra (Heart) … 5th Chakra (Throat) … 6th Chakra (3rd Eye) … 7th Chakra (Crown) … 8th Chakra (Soul Star) … & your Earth Star Chakra (2ft below feet).



  • all LIEs, (… soul-fragments & soul gateways, negative events, within or relating to each chakra),


  • at ALL levels,


  • and all associated & related sacred geometry programs,


  • imprints,


  • karmic loops,


  • portals,


  • programs,


  • vows,

  • hexes, curses, spells,


  • contracts, agreements,


  • entities,

  • discarnates, (people who died, but didn't transition over to the re-incarnation process)  

  • neural nets,


  • implants,


  • wormholes

  • and all darkness around each ID/soul fragment/event,

  • and all damage …

  • at all dimensional levels & bodies …

  • throughout all lifetimes, including, past, present, future,


  • and parallel, alternate timelines, and parallel and alternate universes, and all other simultaneous existences,

  • and all of these aforementioned things inherited from our parents & ancestral lineage, as well.



That’s 9 Chakras worked on… Which normally takes to 9 Sessions with a great practitioner, and we’re still only at Phases 1.


In Phase II: We do 9 Chakras, session is about 1 hour (approx) long.

- 1st Chakra (Root) … 2nd Chakra (Sacral) … 3rd Chakra (Solar Plexus) … 4th Chakra (Heart) … 5th Chakra (Throat) … 6th Chakra (3rd Eye) … 7th Chakra (Crown) … 8th Chakra (Soul Star) … & your Earth Star Chakra (2ft below feet).


  • all viral entities & Trans-lifetime entities of all levels,

  • Genetic Karma, Ancestral & parental Vows … Agreements … Curses & Spells and any remaining imprints of the aforementioned.


  • All Negative Unconscious Patterns,


  • Archetypal Blocks and Restrictions (… the Martyr … the Rescuer … the Victim… the Oppressed … etc)

  • Trans-lifetime implants, devices & all other technologies… wormholes … portals.


  • any other kind of unconscious ancestral imprints - parental imprints


  • all down-stream effects of past choices in all lifetimes that did not honor your soul, true self & true purpose

  • all Gaia based vows … agreements … curses … spells … hexes … contracts not in line with – or negatively altered or manipulated against - your soul purpose … your higher self & mission with Gaia


  • all false self personas & false identities from current & past lifetimes in this timeline, and all alternate & parallel lifetimes, and in alternate & parallel universes, including all programs/beliefs/mindsets as well as their respective imprints given to me by the matrix at all my levels, physical & non-physical bodies, throughout all aforementioned alternate & parallel selves.


  • … and for all the aforementioned to include all times on all the non-physical planes of all respective simultaneous existences.



So that’s A LOT covered, and we’re only half way through.





Phase III: Current Lower Bodies Focus… (plasma body … mental body … emotional body … astral body … etheric body … physical body … higher spiritual bodies, etc).


  • all negative implants, nanites & devices at all levels and frequencies, affecting both your physical & non-physical aspects of:

  • your Endocrine, Neurological, and Central Nervous System and your corresponding hormones and physical health symptoms,


  • and any & all replacement technologies, portals, source & entities associated with each implant or device … both internal and external.


  • Clear all Soul Level blockages related to manifesting financial abundance permanently


  • increase or return the Source spark in your thymus… in the best way possible for you, in line with your higher self.


... and lastly


Phase IV: DNA Clearing & Activation Focus


  • clear, undo & heal all negative and dis-empowering codes, programs, genetic manipulation & negative portals throughout all physical & all non-physical DNA strands & their energetic templates & any other form of blockages, no matter how hidden it may be, on all levels & bodies.


  • Clear all negative, false and dis-empowering imprints inherited from my parental & ancestral DNA, & any other form of blockages, no matter how hidden it may be, on all levels & bodies.


  • Connecting with your I AM presence & all dimensional levels of each of your higher selves … Download from your higher-self … the latest DNA template, codes & empowering programs into your DNA template & DNA strands, on all levels & bodies, in line with my higher self & soul purpose at this time.


  • Infuse, install, fully integrated & begin running these downloaded updates … Thus, altering all your non-physical & physical strands & templates of DNA, on all levels, both physical & non-physical.

  • Activate all downloaded DNA templates, codes & programs through-out all your levels & bodies.

  • Activate all DNA strands, at all levels & bodies … to your highest current light quotient capacity.

  • Increase the number of activated sub-templates on each DNA template to 12, or to your current highest light holding quotient.

  • Replicate this DNA templates & strands activation throughout all your physical & non-physical cells.




This is a minimum of 6 months’ worth of weekly one-on-one clearing … healing … and re-activations, (… more like 12 months’ worth) you’re getting, for a fraction of the normal investment.


And you can do them over & over again if your Higher Self sees that your current level of evolution & consciousness is not quite ready for such a massive influx of Light and the lower-ego destroying ramifications of that*.









In terms of monetary value. The average cost of a one-on-one session with a great practitioner is $100 to $250  

Let’s make it $120 a session


1 session per week (@ $120ea)

X 6 months (26.07145 weeks)


= $3,128



… and that’s the one-layer-(issue)-at-a-time method.


You can have the 4 Phase Exponential Healing, Clearing & DNA Re-Activation System for just $500 … and it’s yours to keep.


Remember … I’ll be with you … The Teams will be with you … every step of the way. We will be together. Don’t let the programmed mind trick you into thinking we won’t all be with you.

Now, partly because of:

  1. the possible cash-strapped situation all the ‘that-which-is-not-you’ may have put you in…

  2. the PROFOUND need for getting this service to proliferate out in to the world so that more people like you can clear themselves and thus accrete & channel more Light into their personal grid, which in turn accretes & channels this same Light into the Earth Grids of Gaia, (because our personal grids are connected strongly to Gaia’s Grids) … which really helps Gaia & all of humanity ascend during this ascension cycle we’re in.

  3. your fundamental RIGHT, and free will choice to return to the beauty … freedom … power … happiness … love & abundance of who you really are, which I’ve dedicated myself to HONOR … and make happen. And so has your Higher-Self, just by being on this page ...

  4. and partly because we all need to live on something, at least until this planet has ascended…

 … I’m willing to make this available for you at only 4 monthly payments of just $60. So that’s only $60 investment now, and your card won’t get charged again for another 4 weeks... (currently $60ea, sold separately during launch phase).









(cont from slide 37)



I too also feel that something so critical shouldn’t cost money.

But we still live in a lower density where basic needs like food, water & shelter cost money, because someone had to do a lot of work to provide you with these critical needs.


Money is not the issue. Money is just a 3D tool as a substitute for bartering, which in practicality terms is impossible to apply in society. The issue is strictly the dense, slow clunky nature of this density.



It’s not like the 5D where everything you need can literally appear in front of you. In the 3D, it takes a lot of time & effort for someone to make or produce something, whether it’s a table or a chair or a house or car.


Something as basic as food for example, which everyone has a right to, right? ... takes a lot of work & time to produce … Someone has to plow the soil … plant something in the soil to grow… nurture it for 6 months … harvest it … store it … transport it … stock it … sell it, and you get the point. That’s why food … the most basic need that everyone has a perfect right to, costs money.

So be clear on the fact that it’s the fundamental mechanics of the 3D, which is that it’s fundamentally slower & clunkier, where more time & effort is needed … that makes manifesting take longer. Money is just one of those things that’s affected by fundamentals of the 3D when it comes to manifesting.

It took me 11 years to amass the necessary experience, understanding, strong enough connections to high enough Light Beings ... daily inner work ... experimenting ... and another 4 months of work to put this service together for you & the Planet. So that’s what you’re also buying here … not just the means & opportunity to finely transform your life.

Secondly … there’s the strange phenomena of people who don’t use products that were cheap to buy.  But fully commit & make the most out of products they spend $4,000 to $10,000 on.




Because of what I call the eBook syndrome. You know that anyone who just invested $10,000 means they’ve “sunk” so much into something … invested so heavily … they better damn-well make sure they use & apply what they just invested in. Because they’ve got a lot more skin in the game.

And how many eBooks or physical books have we all bought in the past for $20 to $49 … and no matter how amazing & critical the information is … it ends up sitting on your hard-drive, collecting digital dust.


So funnily enough … charging a significant amount, works!

It’s been proven in marketing tests. If the monetary value is low, then not only is perceived value low … but participation is ALSO low. And that much you AND Gaia … can’t afford!




You also get weekly live Support on our Live Q&A Support Webinar,


... to tell me about your experiences – both good or bad – and ask me any questions you may need answered. This is at no extra charge.

So you really won’t be on your own!

The 4 Phase System Can Save You Years of Healing ... Clearing & Re-Aligning With The Power & Abundance of Who and What You Truly Are.

Most people have so much to clear, spend thousands to start this clearing & healing ... but 6 months or 12 months later they still got a lot to clear. Life kind of improves but most don’t see it getting better because there’s just thousands of years worth of stuff to clear & heal with this one by one – layer by layer method.


But most can’t afford to spend $400+/m on weekly one-on-ones forever,


... and they give up or move on to the next bright shiny object of clearing & healing.


Why not make this comparatively small investment over 5 months, use those same 6 months to work with me & all those macro level Light Beings in the same time/space.


We’ll be holding your hand every step of the way, to either get all, or the bulk, or most of your clearing, healing & activation done over the next few weeks … or months, as the case may be; if your current level of consciousness needs to adjust to such a huge influx of your inner light coming through you.


... and then if you still need to some form of counseling or coaching, go ahead & invest more heavily in one-one-ones with a energy healing practitioner… because:


... with most of your healing & clearing done you’ll get so much more out of investing in one-on-ones.

I want to raise an Army of Light…

… to accelerate humanities’ Ascension into 5D … liberate this planet from all forms of tyranny … and return to our natural state of joy, bliss, abundance … In other words … TRUTH. 39)

One of the main reason why I’m offering this at a much lower price for the value it has, is because by proliferating this out there, it clears people’s personal grids, let alone their energy fields. This allows a lot more light to come through your fields and into the planetary grinds, and throughout your region where you’re based.



With all this extra light coming through into this planet, you do a lot to increase the frequency of the planet so it can ascend into the prosperous & joy filled 5D far quicker & far smoother. Imagine the ramifications there!




Furthermore ... my goal is to raise such an Army of Light to even do planetary work centered around liberating this planet. From synchronized mediation, to the kinds of work you can read about on the Return To Your Truth  Blog.





Law of service & bringing in more Light on to the planet faster, for quicker & smoother ascension is a must.

Also… I am obligated as a healer to abide by the law of service to others. Which is, to simply help & serve as many people as possible. Now this helps the whole planet accrete more light because the more people are healed & cleared, the more light they can accrete, which means the critical goal of the surface of this planet accrete more light which also goes into the earth grid system, is quickened & amplified. Which helps the planet be a better place, for all of us.

There’s only one of me … so Gaia can’t afford to drastically limit myself to helping a few dozen people a month, instead of potentially thousands per month. This recorded 4 Phases allows me & the Teams to get to potentially an exponential number of people.








… The Short Answer: It Depends On How Much Influx of Light & Resulting Influx Of Revelatory & Sometimes Startling or Shocking TRUTH your current Level Of Consciousness & Egoic Maturity Is Ready To Handle & Integrate, based on where You’re Currently At In Your Evolution.

Technically speaking, these sessions are designed to & certainly can remove, clear & heal everything within you, at all levels … including alternate & parallel lifetimes within the quantum field.

Your higher self will only allow this to go as far as your egoic conditioned mind & personality can handle the resulting change in your life.


Because as YOUR truth starts to come closer to the surface, the so called truth of at least some of your beliefs, world paradigm, and the so called truth out there, starts to fall apart or just disappear leaving you wondering, what the hell just happened?

Your egoic personalities’ world starts to fall apart, to be removed, to clear the space for the outer reflection of more of the abundance, love, fulfillment & happiness that you truly are inside.

So you may start to discover the truth about some of your relationships for example, because ultimately some or many of your relationships could be there just because of some kind of past life vow, agreement, contract, often stemming from some form of trauma or durressed state … and the karmic imprints that you’re stuck in life-time after life-time because you haven’t as yet cleared or healed it.


So if you’ve been wondering “… why do I end up with such broken, or abusive intimate relationships, or broken or abusive co-workers & bosses, family members or people I live with, it’s because you’re just falling into the imprints of the  past. Thus you attract them again because all these issues & dramas are still going on inside, because time is simultaneous, not linear.

The threat to your world view of “reality”, your ideological beliefs/programming around politics, sociology, economics, demographics, etc - that you’re egoic personality has invested so much of your life and sense-of-self into, may make your Higher Self slow down the amount you can clear each session, because …

... if those ideologies/beliefs and your perception of “reality” are not holistic enough where it covers the whole of the truth about the matter it’s about, and or that it’s NOT based on a high enough level of wisdom/consciousness, let alone if it’s based on a trick & a lie, or a collective level trauma, curse or vow instead of based in truth, light or love, (they’re all synonymous) …

... rest-assured … all these truths are going to come flying into your face … or you’ll be pulled apart from all these things you thought were truth … and there’s only so much of that outer reality process that one can handle at anyone time… as a result of more of YOUR inner truth of who & what you are, coming to the surface.

So if you have relationships that’s built on a lie, or trick or is just another karmic imprint from your past lives that’s looping, or dependency, or some form of energetic toxicity … expect that to either explode in your face or be pulled away from you in some way. 


If the company or business you work for is built on some kind of a lie, a trick, a trauma or vow within you or within the collective, that might explode in your face or be pulled away from you.


If the ideological movement or non-profit organization you may be a part of or subscribe to is built on some kind of a lie, a trick, a trauma or vow within you or within the collective, that might explode in your face or be pulled away from you ...


... because you'll start seeing things you never saw before.


Now ultimately, all this is a good thing, because it helps liberate you from the things that keep you stuck in this unhappy, or miserable therefore durressed state. And it doesn’t have to be a hard, jarring experience if you maintain:


  • a higher, or true perspective on what’s happening in your life …

  • handle things the right or pragmatic way …

  • as YOU … your power, from the truth of who you really are starts to come through to the surface of your current incarnation…

  • and you’ll never have to repeat this garbage ever again...

  • because clearing this now will mean it won’t repeat in your future life-times like it has been for the past thousands of years.

So put an end to it now … is my recommendation.

*So, the only thing that’s really limiting how much of that-which-is-not-you can be removed, is simply where you’re currently AT … in your overall maturity, your overall evolution, your current level of awareness … of understanding, in other words, your current level of consciousness.

And your higher-self knows all this, and knows how much of truth you can handle at any one time, both in terms of the things in your life that manifested out of what you thought was truth, as it falls away … and the beliefs, aka mental programs that construct our world…


... even though there’s far more of the world there, that tells you a hell of a lot more of what’s really going on.


*So ultimately your higher self is in charge of how much past & present life stuff can be healed & cleared at any one session, based on how much of the ramifications or impact on your life you can handle at any one time. Otherwise too many people will go crazy.




People who do DNA activation … it’s exactly the same thing. They can only activate DNA to the level that they can handle the amount of Light, ie: TRUTH, because they’re both synonymous, that that DNA activation brings in.


And if you haven’t cleared your self enough, don’t expect dramatic levels of DNA activation anytime soon, believe me. I’ve been there-done that.

These clearings allows you to finely make & carry out those choices ... those decisions, based on answers that were always there, but you couldn’t see them because of your internal interference, and finally carry them out.

Bliss comes from choices and decisions that is based on your soul purpose & your free will, which is a fundamental of how happiness is achieved.


And there are some lessons your egoic conscious mind simply needs to experience, to take on that growth & lesson by going through that experience. That’s still an element of your evolution.

But if you do have those experiences that your higher-self already has lined-up for you so you go through that necessary growth to get you back into your true power ...

These 4 Phases of clearing & healing allows those experiences to not be as jarring, jolting & brutal, because you’ll be more healed & cleared to therefore see what’s going on while you’re in the middle of this experience/lesson …



... and not be overwhelmed or lost in it, repeating it forever.

So it’s smoother, comparatively quicker and you can take on the lesson & critical growth in wisdom & consciousness NEEDED for your path back to freedom, happiness & abundance, which is your natural state. 



Don’t invest in anything, if you’re not truly committed to saying goodbye to all these things you don’t want in you life.

(Phase I): A couple of hours after the session as I was going to bed: felt a sense of familiarity and comfort, like a very subtle deja vu and a feeling of 'home'.

The first night of the session: very vivid dreams about feeling free, living on a tropical island. Also dreamt about ex partners so may be integrating something about them.

The next morning: I feel kinda new! Lots of strange feelings, a strong sense of nostalgia and memories throughout my life coming in. I feel like I'm integrating everyone I've been in this life, let alone other lives. I need a lot of space to let this settle and to rediscover who I really am without the influence of other people's perspectives. This feels big!


I think it's probably a combination of this life, past earth lives and off-world stuff. I wonder if it's been kind of symbolised to me as coming from this life because at various points in this life I have tapped into and expressed different aspects and dimensions of myself from other lifetimes. Does that make sense? Here's more feedback:


It's been 24 hours since I experienced phase 1 and I feel amazing! I feel more 'me' than I can ever remember feeling. I almost feel nervous about how confident and powerful I feel! After a few weeks of having a dark night of the soul in which I really felt despairing, and not seeming to move through it, I suddenly have snapped back. I woke up with tons of energy and I have had strong focus and clarity with my life purpose. I even built a web page (which I thought would take me weeks to do) in an hour while my partner made dinner!!! Maybe I've become superhuman ;) I can't wait for phase 2!

2 days after: Jim I can't tell you how much that healing has changed me. I feel amazing. So much energy and focus, and a lightness I haven't experienced in longer than I can remember! Ascension symptoms are ramping up too but in a nice way :) (Taken from WhatsApp)


4 days after: It’s been a few days since I had the healing now. I feel like a completely different person. I feel like where before I could only see limitations and reasons for things in my life not to work, now I feel like all the doors have opened. I feel like anything is possible and rather than being battered about by life, I am now at the driving wheel taking charge. It feels amazing! I am really excited to see what evolves off the back of this. I am hoping that I feel steady and secure enough in my own healing journey to now focus on being of service to others.

Kathrine, UK

Dear Jim,


I did your phase II Healing meditation and it was really interesting. Going up was fun, I felt a little motion sickness, then it went away. As you directed me to the activations when I was on the healing table, I really got nauseas. I thought that was very telling. Like my body was showing me how bad the lower vibes made me feel. I feel like I was completely aware and yet at the same time in a very deep place and lots was going on.

All in all, I look forward to doing both one and two many times.

Jen, UK

I know you always want experiences/feedback ... I would have to write an assay, with all the changes happening, as I do a Phase every 2nd day....


I am a completely different person... emotionally, mentally (my thoughts have changed), and physically (lot less pain)


​I see so many changes in me, my environment and also in people.

I am amazed at how fast things change in the physical...

Is that normal?


I worked with the teams on bullying, as that was a major issue for me all my life people always bully me...

a week later, a lady that likes to bully and demand came ... instead of me going into defensive mode... I just smiled at her and my surprise she "asked nicely"


I don't have a problem with things changing fast, as all is changing for the better.


Angela, CA

I have been working with the 4-phase system now for approx 3weeks.


Phase 1: - 4 times,

Phase 2 - 3 times

and Phase 3 - 1 or 2 times. 


It really feels like "present time". I have a block in believing that is deep so working on that but I feel it goes better and better as I resonate with your work and feel your deep sincerity and determination and that helps.


Phase 1: I do not feel that much during phase 1.


Phase 2: Feel more. Second time something was still hanging on in the last part with the 3 layers. It was the first layer and I perceived it may be a false truth core that I have been working on for many years to get rid of. It was like a string going down from the first layer back to me. Asked the teams to continue working on it. Did not see it last time I did Phase 2 but had other sensations of release.


Phase 3: Have just done this 1 or 2 times (memory is not what is used to be.....) Also feel more in this phase. 


Will let you know more when I have worked longer with it. During the first 2 weeks I did it every second day, so it was intense. Now I have slowed down a little with once a week.



Asa, Norway

Hello! I have purchased and completed (Phase) 1, 2, and 3 but am unable to find 4 to purchase. Please assist, thank you!! Your sessions are INCREDIBLE! I did find best not to do before bedtime as the energy renewal makes it very difficult to sleep!


Alisha, TX

The very first day after I did phase1, I could feel a very positive physical change in my life already, which is continuously ongoing.


After phase 3, I was triggered very strongly, but was able to call in "the teams" to help me transmute it, in a relative short time.

Now... when I think of the "trigger"  that has manifested in my life for 30+ years, there is absolutely no more emotional charge.

When memories came to my mind from people that have acted hurtful, almost beyond bearable sometimes,

I was able to stop those thoughts and think...what positive can I remember about that person...soon those thoughts stopped all together.

And now is absolutely impossible for me to have negative...thoughts or emotions...towards them, as all original cause's have been cleared and healed. 

I could never thank Jim enough - for these wonderful, wonderful tools.


Mia, Australia

I started with Phase I and II .. especially Phase II, I felt very strong (lots of flashes until at some point everything stood still in one huge white flash)  .. nice synchronicity: I did each session  when traveling.

I am so grateful for your 4 Phase tools,  which for me have proven outstandingly profound and efficient    (... and the above you  may use as testimonial too, at your discretion :-)


Georgina, Switzerland

Hi, I'm from Sydney and just did phase II. Words can barely describe the gift that has been given to me through you. You are f#%@$@g amazing and I owe you a beer.

I'm going to do the rest of the clearings but this phase was a big one. The calm I felt was unmistakable. These are going to help so many people. Word needs to get out so more people can experience this!

Thank you again :)


Xavier, Australia

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