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(Make sure you also download the instructions sheet from the Thank You page, after you pay).


Working with MACRO Level Light Beings, Your Multi-Dimensional Aspects ... from the space of Omnipresence, you can: 


  • use it & work with the Teams, your higher-selves & I AM Presence to blast through any specific issue or challenge that comes up … as you forge your way towards calling the shots within the 3D matrix.
  • have more of your TRUE light come through you, so the inherent abundance … power & freewill within your true light then creates & manifests an ‘outer reality’ that’s an aligned reflection of your abundant, joyous self.
  • be more in control of your emotions, by clearing that horrible emotional charge when a specific issue comes up … so you can remain anchored in the NOW. The only place where your solutions … power & choice exist. And be able to UTILIZE these.
  • no longer be afraid of facing challenges … Face any 3D practical steps without the ‘dread’ & with confidence, not fear … because you’ll FEEL more of your natural BIGNESS, that’s not afraid of anything & can handle anything.
  • naturally ascend to the timeline where the help, resources & solutions are there … waiting for you … they're often right there in front of you right now … but you can’t see them because of all the ‘noise’ going on inside you thanks to the interference coming from the true cause of this specific issue.
  • use it once … use it twice … use it every single week … Use it every time you want to get clarity & that higher self perspective (aka, a READING) … each time you go up to the Teams & your Higher Selves. Not just clearing the energetic cause that’s behind almost every single challenge or thing you're not happy with.
  • … by using this powerful tool each time you need it to make things happen for yourself, you can restore your 3D dignity … pride & esteem within the matrix & the world around you. So that your 3D self aligns with the BIGNESS of your true identity.

The basic premise & title to this breakthrough energy session for you is:

There’s a solution to every problem (yes … EVERY problem)…

You just need to be more YOU. Not the false persona & 3D identity you’ve been programmed to think you are.

Rest assured … your true identity can handle ANYTHING.

You just need to re-integrate your 3D physical level self, with your multi-dimensional true identity Self.

Materialize those breakthroughs that have eluded you throughout your current incarnation, by ascending to a personal higher timeline as result of each session … to the timeline you’ve strived for so hard … for so long … but didn’t have the energetic backing needed to finally break through to freedom.

Now the time to change all that …

Now is the time to re-enter frequencies you haven’t been able to access, in not only this life-time … but for thousands of life-times.


That's right ... you CAN free yourself from or alleviate practically any stubborn situation you’re in now - or that may come up - to constantly jump on the highest timeline possibility again & again … 

The news gets even better … because what you’ll have done in each session, is actually what I do for my one-on-one clients.

Yes … the Teams & I can easily do this ... along with YOU, your Higher-Selves & I-AM Presence. 

When you RE-DISCOVER what you can actually do with your consciousness FROM the physical plane, and the fundamentals of how space/space works … you’ll truly grasp your real power to manipuated the 3D level reality from the quantum level. 

Except you don’t have to pay $197 for a one-on-one … and you don’t have to be hamstrung by my increasingly scarce available slots.

All you have to do is switch on your phone, play this recording & join me & the Teams anytime. Each session you do is different. It's a different connection with The Teams & Your HIgher-Selves ... in another time-space event (session).

Excellent value for only $137.00



Jim & The Teams

Internal Compression Breakthrough (ICB) - MASS Clearing In 1 Session




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