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Congratulations on the sensible & pragmatic step of taking action & acquiring this intense -  Phase IV Energy Session ... of the 4 Phase System. DNA Clearing & Activation.


In this powerfull energy session, the primary focus is clearing all false or negative DNA programs (scalar waves) ... codes ... implants ... entities ... portals ... negative genes ... parental & ancestral imprints ... and more. We wipe the slate clean, and then download, install & run more of the true YOU in the 2nd half of Phase IV.


Time to free yourSELF.


Here's precisely what you get, with a powerful tip below:


  • clear, undo & heal all negative and dis-empowering codes, programs, genetic manipulation & negative portals throughout all physical & all non-physical DNA strands & their energetic templates & any other form of blockages, no matter how hidden it may be, on all levels & bodies. 
  • Clear all negative, false and dis-empowering imprints inherited from your parental & ancestral DNA, & any other form of blockages, no matter how hidden it may be, on all levels & bodies.
  • Connecting with your I AM presence & all dimensional levels of each of your higher selves … Download from your higher-self … the latest DNA template, codes & empowering programs into your DNA template & DNA strands, on all levels & bodies, in line with my higher self & soul purpose at this time.
  • Infuse, install, fully integrated & begin running these downloaded updates … Thus, altering all your non-physical & physical strands & templates of DNA, on all levels, both physical & non-physical.
  • ​Activate all downloaded DNA templates, codes & programs through-out all your levels & bodies.​
  • Activate all DNA strands, at all levels & bodies … to your highest current light quotient capacity.
  • Increase the number of activated sub-templates on each DNA template to 12, or to your current highest light holding quotient.
  • ​Replicate this DNA templates & strands activation throughout all your physical & non-physical cells. 



This is a minimum of 6 months’ worth of weekly one-on-one clearing … healing … and re-activations, (… more like 12 months’ worth) you’re getting, for a fraction of the normal investment.


And you can do them over & over again if your Higher Self sees that your current level of evolution & consciousness is not quite ready for such a massive influx of Light and the lower-ego destroying ramifications of that*.



Powerful Tip:


Time to get the " ... I have to see it to believe it"  programmed ego out of the way.


The quantum mechanical scientifically verified fact is, your mind 'collapses the wave form particles (what makes our visible "reality") a certain way, based on what you believe is true or expect to happen'


So if you believe (or know) something works ... it'll work. You'll be able to RECIEVE it. The mind won't block what IS there, & IS being delivered to you.


This is why those natives on that Caribbean island could not see Columbus's clippers right in the middle of their bay. Even though ...


... they were RIGHT HERE.


It's simply because they didn't know (a form of BELIEF, ie: CONSCIOUSNESS) big ships like that existed ... 



" ... whether you think you can, or think you can't ... either way, you're right"


Henry Ford ... (yes, I know he was a Cabal member ... :- )




'' ... blessed are those who need to see (or feel) before they believe. Doubly blessed are those who believe ... before they see"





It just shows that your mind has the power to collapse the wave form (quantum) particles based on what it knows (believes) is true.


So be OPEN to anything unfamiliar ... and KNOW that the Teams, myself & your Higher-Self are there with you (doing all this work) ... so that they CAN.








Phase IV - 4 Phase Exponential Healing & Clearing System

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