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Smart Meter Blocker

Due to the aggressive roll-out & weaponization of EMFs, and the health debilitating effects on DNA, the immune system, neurological system, nervous system, bio electro-magnetic frequency ... all of which studies have shown wreak havoc on mood, emotions & mental health, having a smart meter guard is now a must ... given that most traditional methods of EMF protection such as pendants & shungite pyramids, etc ... are not robust enough to handle the deliberate overwhelm in EMF radiation levels rolled-out recently.


This smart meter guard is an industrial strength, thus robust enough answer to this crisis level situation ... with EMF radiation readings of only 0.2 from within 1ft away, after installation.


It's easy to install ... and don't hesitate to use duck-tape to tighten the adjoining end around the smart meter, to insure against any strong winds blowing it off .


Total costs: $77 + $15 shipping & handling (US, CA only) = $92


Contact us at support@ReturnToYourTruth.Com with any questions, and for inquiries about shipment costs outside the US & Canada.

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