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Trump Bought? Geo & Exo-Political News Analysis & The Truth About DNA Activation

Tune in to Ground Crew Command Radio at 9pm EDT on Wed April 12th: Make no mistake ... things are heating up. From the latest on Trump being blackmailed by the deep state/bloodlines, to the black alert & red alerts from Cobra. Plus analysis on the huge worldwide global mass meditation to counteract & even reverse not only events in Syria ... but as part of an all-out counter-attack on the non-physical planes running the show as always on what's happening on the physical.

It's intense ... but should you worry?

... what will all the latest events, both physical & non-physical ... mean to you ... and the timing of the long awaited Event/Planetary Liberation?

Lastly .. get the skinny on DNA Activation. What REALLY needs to be activated within your DNA... and much more critical truth & perspective on this big & much talked about issue, for your accelerated evolution and return to your power.

So tune in to Ground Crew Command Radio at 9pm EDT on Wed April 12th


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