• The Unknown Lightwarrior

Why Goddess Worship Needs To Come Back, And Why Everything ... Is Worth NOTHING ... Without Her

Greetings to you all… Be prepared, to be returned to levels of consciousness we haven't seen for untold eons.

Your current level of consciousness (aka 'beliefs'), what you've been told and or, what you've assumed to be true around the issue of Prime Creator, Goddess & Goddess worship ... may receive a little upgrade here.

You'll discover why worshiping Goddess feels so beautiful ... blissful ... and occurs instantaneously (when you ACTUALLY re-discover her pure form energy) ... why it's natural - without an ounce of religious or dis-empowerment connotations ...

… and why 'worshiping Source', just doesn't sound the same, let alone sound right.

You're about to discover mounting evidence or 'suggestions' about what Prime Creator may actually be ... why Goddess was the predominant spiritual practice or 'religion' up until the Roman Christian cult days... and the evidence or clinical reasons of why the divine masculine was created ... And by whom. And how all this translates into the ultimate form of self-love...

Firstly… for those who don't know me, you can get an idea of who I am from my first published article: Why I’m Still A Lightworker. ... my official site, and radio show... that you can check out later. So on to this article… Further clarity and a higher level of truth is needed about GodDESS, in order to raise (empowering) consciousness even further among the Lightworkers present on the surface of this planet. This further raising of consciousness builds upon the raising of consciousness from my first public written piece, for the goal of lifting, galvanizing & uniting the Lightworker world. This is part of the preparations for a ‘final big push’ that both Light/Truth & darkness know is coming. The higher the consciousness of Lightworkers, the more Truth comes to the surface, and the more power is wielded at the right moment BY Lightworkers … to make The Event happen sooner, and more smoothly. For the purposes of this article, I’ll be speaking in the purest terms possible to get the point across, outside of most everyday 3D contexts. Because we all have a certain balance of feminine & masculine within each of us.

One comes out more than the other, depending on context or what situation we find ourselves in. But at the same time, it's dis-empowering to ignore who & what you really are… and your primary energy expression in this incarnation.

Furthermore ... throughout your journey of re-discovery in this article, I want to emphasize that you are not being asked to agree ... accept ... and believe it all. This information either makes sense to you, and resonates at a deeper level of truth (and uplifts you) ... or it collides with the usual conditioned norms of our current spiritual awareness level .... and is mostly filtered from 'within' the Veil...

... Or both may occur. Either way is fine. Take what you can accrete (this is after all very high frequency information not experienced in a long time) ... and allow the rest to either incubate, integrate, or just ignore it for now. Just like a buffet ... take what you like (what you need at this point in your evolution) and leave the rest.

You'll probably find this is more like a sacred spiritual teaching, rather than 'just an article'.

So here we go …

What really is GodDESS?

Above all… why does it ‘drive’ not only the physical extension of the masculine (men) when they’re around her, but women too… (just by BEING women). Just by channeling her.

We've been taught that Source is divine masculine and divine feminine together, united as one.

But wait...

(... insert screeching-halt sound effect here).

Well, I'm sure at some level of All-That-Is, that's true ... but like with my first article ... it's time to take our consciousness up to newer, far higher and/or long forgotten levels of consciousness, where even more power awaits us, to liberate this planet.

Let’s begin with these revelatory quotes from a much loved ET contactee with countless PHYSICAL encounters.

“God … is more like Goddess. And these were Andromedan men saying this”

“… the 3rd & 4th Dimension is primarily the masculine principle. The 5th and up is primarily the feminine principle”.

... Alex Collier – Andromedan Contactee

And we know full well that one of the main, if not the biggest characteristics or traits of source itself… is CREATION. … I don’t need to ask you whether that’s a feminine trait/energy, or a masculine one. Thus, it’s no coincidence women CREATE and bear children, not men.

Last time I checked ... the other name we use for Source is: Prime Creator.

"The Feminine - ... the flow, the ease and beauty that begins all Creation ..."

Jim Self - MasteringAlchemy.Com

Why was it mostly the physical extension of the divine feminine (women) that were burned at the stake for being “witches” throughout the Roman Christian Cult days? (… and rest-assured, the wounding was equally traumatic for the aligned masculine & its physical extensions for not being able to STOP it). Well, they were remnants of priestess lineages & authentic spiritual practices from Atlantean days. And many channeled much needed Goddess energy into this dense - dark realm.

GodDESS worship was the most widely practiced form of spirituality until Roman times, before the Dark/Archonic Roman Christian and Islamic cults took over.

“ … From Isis Rock, the Goddess, who throughout the ancient world was known as ‘the power behind the throne of the King’ continually sends supportive energy to her son. Her supportive power was acknowledged in ancient Egypt, where Goddess Isis wore a throne upon her head to symbolize that she was indeed the power behind the throne occupied by Green Man & King of The Worlds … Osiris”

Sedona – City Of The Star People

Mark Amaru Pinkham

Divine Feminine Goddess Carla Bruni

Suspected first-time-incarnation-on-this-planet & Sisterhood Of The Rose member (probably unconsciously so) Carla Bruni, who "fell in love" with the boring, unpopular & blatant Zionist/cabal member former French President Nicolas Sarkozy ... as part of her soul path/purpose work, in order to be before the cameras of the world to greatly amplify the spreading of her channeling of GodDESS energy in this world. Judging by her features, probably of Sirian heritage.

The media worshiped her.

Why is it, that a GodDESS vortex is what opens up when a man -makes love to- a woman? Why couldn’t it be a God/masculine vortex? Could it be that the new or extra LOVE (ie: Source extending itself/creating more of itself) that is CREATED out of NOthing … is intrinsically feminine? I’ll leave it for you to decide… ;-) And on a more humorous but equally legitimate note… why is it that (generally speaking :-) the outer physical extensions of the masculine (men) do all or most of the work during love MAKING? Do you have ANY idea how much magnetism it takes to make a guy willing to do that much work … expend such a stupid amount of energy … let alone make him want to MAKE love TO his female partner?

Enough magnetism ..?

Italian "gameshow host" (5D/higher-realm excuse for having her in front of nationwide cameras to further spread the divine feminine energy she channels) Sara Varone.

This online image was listed as: Italian gameshow Goddess Sara Varone.

... it's obvious who calls the shots here.

Let’s take things up a few more notches in consciousness… If you were Source, which means you are LOVE … and thus always unconditionally giving love . Wouldn’t you CREATE something to experience; being-made-love-TO, and receive love ... from something outside of you?

( ... it certainly fits in with the ol' - " ... I wish to know myself" wish, through the game of contrast).

And wouldn’t you create something that’s:

... opposite to you in nature, characteristics, shape & form (fits in with the 'game of contrast')

... make yourself attracted to this creation

... have it be something beautiful to you ("why would Source create something repugnant to itself" - Wayne Dyer)

… but make sure you posses the main, commanding – central magnetism

... to insure your creation will always be drawn to you & always want to MAKE love to you … so you can always experience RECEIVING, not just always giving unconditionally??

That certainly creates contrast …

Remember ... this is meant to be an article to UNITE, empower and further activate the Lightworker COLLECTIVE ENTITY. So I’m going to leave that for you to tune-in and decide for yourself ; - )

ACTUALLY Comparing Source … The Divine Feminine … & Divine Masculine - Side by Side

“ … But Unknown Light Warrior, isn’t the ultimate truth of what Source is … of who & what we are … of All-That-IS … is LOVE ?? … ”

Oh I couldn’t agree more, dear one.

So let’s properly investigate & actually compare the fundamental nature & characteristics of Source and the unconditional love that it IS … with the Divine Feminine & the Divine Masculine … side-by-side shall we?!

Fundamental Nature of Fundamental Nature of Fundamental Nature of

Source Divine Feminine Divine Masculine

Goddess may be Source


Another funny but legitimate example of divine magnetic feminine power … The physical aspect of The Unknown Lightwarrior was once a bouncer in nightclubs. One time, early in the night, I do remember adoring how a hand-full of single women in their 30s were on the dance floor, having fun with nothing but three things… 1. The dance floor… 2. Other female company… 3. BAD music… Not a single “good looking” guy in site…

What became noticeable was... … they were HAPPY. I can assure you, you will never see the same thing in reverse. Just will never happen.

Why? … Read below. The feminine is not passive & receptive…. … it’s MAGNETIC. … and suffice it to say, to a point where the masculine doesn’t have a hope of resisting.

“… get the girls on the dance-floor… The guys will follow”

famous DJ… name not remembered.

Chivalry, is actually a form of expression of GodDESS worship … It’s one of many forms of expression of GodDESS worship. Go to Time Square… what do you see? Wall-to-wall physically aligned women… Yes, they’re being used to sell stuff. To get “attention”. But make no mistake… that is actually another form of GodDESS worship. They’re just in digital form, not statues.

Speaking of statues...

Goddess of Liberty - Texas 1888.

Lots of men, with The GodDESS in the middle... dominating.

Just another coincidence, and surely has nothing to do with yet another unconscious expression of GodDESS worship.

Moving on ... nothing to see here...

If you’re a woman reading this … by now you’ll no doubt be thinking: “… Well, if a 6’2” handsome muscular man with the consciousness level of an ascended master was to walk in to my life… … I’d be pretty magnetized to THAT”. (I can almost hear the laughter throughout FB and the blogosphere). Well… All I will say to that is… Oh really? Or is it the solid, protective structure and stability such an (aligned) man naturally provides for you, at all energetic & physical levels, that really makes you want to be in his presence… and thus, allows you to finally return to your POWER, that comes with simply BEING… … a woman. ... without a worry about the usual rough 3D matrix energies that normally result in varying manifested forms of scatterdness …instability... lack of safety and other vulnerabilities. Both energetic, psychological, emotional, and physical. All due to the natural flowing and shifting nature of feminine energy.

Suspected first-time-incarnation-on-this-planet, GodDESS Jenifer Lawrence. Famous for her role in Silver Linings Playbook. A great example of the energetic, psychological, emotional & physical scatteredness, vulnerability & instability most women suffer from ... up until love & protection gets confirmed and provided for her, by her male lead played by Bradley Cooper.

By now you might be asking... "what do you mean by - Suspected first-time-incarnation-on-this-planet"?

Most first-time-incarnations (on this planet) GodDESSES are usually fairly closely aligned to the GodDESS energy/Divine Feminine at all levels, (meaning, down to the physical level). Hence their physical beauty, along with the beautiful, intensely radiant feminine energy they channel because their internal aspects & their non-physical bodies are also more closely aligned with the Divine GodDESS.

... a CRITICAL part of the planetary liberation process, (the power source of aligned masculine embodiments fighting/transmuting physical & non-physical darkness...).

And since we’re in physical bodies too, let’s not forget the biological need & attraction to a male who is more likely to be an effective protector, in a broad sense of the word. (Because.....let's face it, this is a dangerous matrix we're currently still living in).

Yet there's more...

We thought we had what Prime Creator is composed of ... figured out, but we missed the elephant in the room.

Fundamental: The intrinsic fundamental nature ... purpose ... and role of the masculine energy that's mostly expressed through it's physical extensions (men) is ... stability ... protection ... provision ... structural groundedness ... and action, to fulfill all this.