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Why The 144K is The Single Biggest Unknown Quantity-Intel Briefing

So, what I'm gonna do is jump right I haven't had a chance to write down all the notes of recent intel releases but again this recording is going out to everyone with 48 hours certainly well before the eclipse Nov 8th crunch time to make sure everyone is in that right space, in that right understanding, which increases unity, fuses our energies together, galvanizes it, directs it, kinda like a sword, in the right way, the right direction, because November 8th, through to November 11th, that actually is not two separate mass interventions, its actually part one and part two of the one operation, the same operation,

OK, it helps to be aware of that and your abilities again my job - the Teams job - making sure that we accommodate you, provide the space, protection, honour and respect for your intrinsic aspects to come through, through your 3D aspects at the right time at the right moment ,nothing new there, I want to make sure we are all reminded of that. I was going to share my screen but I won't really worry about it. Before the Q &A section let me jump into the latest from the Resistance Movement via COBRA. OK, so I'm gonna quickly read through, extrapolating deeper from there.

‘There was a huge escalation between the Chimera group and the Light Forces on October 15th, and extraordinary measures were taken. The situation was spiraling out of control’...

Ok, this is your first little... I dunno, not clue, but understanding that if groups like ours aren't on top of the energies, things like.. developments spiraling out of control can happen a lot more easily, OK, um, not in the right ways.

Again our participation - our conscious participation - is needed to keep things under control but that is not the best way to describe it.. its more that the more intense... the more we move forward to the extreme intensities and loudness of down to the wire, the more something perturbates ... its difficult to articulate the non physical but I’ll do my best, its more difficult to hold things steady as we move forward. The term.. ‘The situation was spiraling out of control’

That will sort of, well.. sort of happen more, OK, as we move to 11.11 especially.

‘and since the Light Forces around the Earth could not contain the situation anymore’,

OK, so again until we get more control of the energies, things will be more prone to that, which is a little dicey I admit, but nothing to fear if we act, so, ...

‘‘and since the Light Forces around the Earth could not contain the situation anymore,

urgent reinforcements from Andromeda galaxy who are experts in dealing with the Chimera group sprang into action’.

It is great to have, let's just call it back up measures like that, but, we.. you don't want the.. both terran and off world light forces to have to take extreme measures, and holy crap, red alert, down that direction, send reinforcements blah blah blah blah blah ...

Yes they can handle it but it does open up a.. the possibility of dark forces taking advantage of it. I mean of course there is always an element of risk and danger, war is war, we are liberating a whole planet, um, but ..oh, 11.11, awesome.. but you know, you don't want to go there you don't want high level commanders starting to, you know.. holding their hands on their head kind of thing,.

Again, easily solvable on us surface Terrans taking control of the energies in the way that we do,

‘Urgent reinforcements from Andromeda galaxy who are experts in dealing with the Chimera group sprang into action. ‘As a result of this, all pits except one has been cleared’,

Oh great!

‘andOrion faction of the Chimera group is mostly gone, except for small disorganized clusters on the astral and mental plane’,

Ok so there's still a bit left on the astral and mental plane...

‘which will be cleared in the coming weeks’.

OK which doesn't always mean, hey we have to transmute from here in the physical, it depends on what is the highest priority at the given time of our mass meditation.

‘The Andromeda faction of the Chimera is in fear, knowing that they will be next’.

...and good riddance....

‘The only pit remaining is NOT located under the Urim base, and contains the mainframe quantum computer of the Andromeda faction of the Chimera, which controls the scalar AI matrix / electromagnetic fence around the Earth, tied into implants’.

OK.. so, we’re not gonna be.. especially if you’re quite the talented energy worker and psychic don’t worry about... chances are your respective galactic family and non physical guides and higher self aren't going to allow you know for safety reasons because their quantum computer can pick it up if someone knows about them, and responds accordingly, if you know what I mean, by sending negative non physicals to you, to interfere with you and that kind of thing, so, no need to worry about that, no need to jump the gun at all, its better to.. go up to the Teams, stick everything in the quarantine sphere, be with your brethren, until it's safe, to start really sticking your noses into something that is a little hairy.

That is why we are so.. diligent with the strict protocols that, that we take, and its not just for the sake of safety but.. to.. prevent both physical and non physical dark ones putting a block, a fence, a shield against any, you know, looky-loos such as us.. they can see any form of light, OK

so yeah, don't worry about where that last remaining pit and quantum computer is.

So the RM brings us more clarity there about what we have somewhat of an understanding as it relates to.. there’s.. alright, there's an internal and external aspect, to, both, well, the veil, the last component of the veil.. the last external aspect being a literal magnetic fence and the implants being the, the converse aspect of that one veil.

Now you know why we spend up to 2 hours, an extra 30-40 minutes working on the implants because there is a deadline for dealing with the implants -that's just the way it is. Certain things have to be dealt with a certain time, like it or not.

‘When the Light Forces take control of that pit, they will be finally able to start completely disintegrating the scalar matrix on the surface, together with the implants and their toplet bombs. When that is gone to a degree that risk becomes acceptable, physical interventions can begin to happen’.

And that is the exciting part, that is why I have been so anal focusing on the implants and quautmn anomaly - because once those are dealt with, any volatile situation as it relates to the surface can be handled with a lot more certainty. And of course it goes without saying.. the.. ramifications, the profound possibilities of what, of the actualization of physical contact, yes initially it may begin with sleep state events, so called dreams, for the first few weeks, but the possibility of some kind of physical contact..

I mean that's the biggie, isn't it? That’s the.. the thing that will make it all worth it.. actual physical contact with.. our respective, not just our galactic families, but outfits. Many of us before getting trapped in the reincarnation cycle were very much a part, in a literal sense, of whatever kind of off world outfit, whether a military outfit, some sort of an.. intelligence, James bond type outfit -galactic version, a sage spiritual outfit, a command structure or a .. again in a 5D sense, some kind of technical engineering outfit, it sort of ranges... Those respective outfits that we belong to, or the members of those outfits they still consider you one of them still, in the literal sense.

Again as the implants are removed, the veil and that quantum computer are dealt with, your 3D conditioned mind will, I dunno, almost snap, let alone have a far easier time reconnecting to that knowing, at a deeper level. You might just be intellectualizing with that, it's easy to intellectualize but you are really going to feel it at a far more deeper level, and lets just say that is quite an experience. And you’ll start to feel it even as I'm feeling it now as I'm talking about. You’ll start to feel it more in the solar plexus area ... you’ll start to feel that more.

Let me move on.. okay, so..

‘The mainframe quantum computer of the Andromeda faction of the Chimera, which controls the scalar AI matrix / electromagnetic fence around the Earth, tied into implants’.

Alright so its all a interconnected system that this prison consists of and the good news is it really does seem to be the last layer and aspect to the veil, to that which separates us from our off world groups, outfits and families

for those who want to stay grounded about it ,but it is cause to feel pretty damn happy’

‘When the Light Forces take control of that pit, they will be finally able to start completely disintegrating the scalar matrix on the surface, together with the implants and their toplet bombs. When that is gone to a degree that risk becomes acceptable, physical interventions can begin to happen’.


Ok.. Im repeating this because.. the more you sit, for lack of a better term, the more you sit with a particular sentence or paragraph, the more you seem to be able to draw a deeper energy out of it, ok, um, because, the ADD problem a lot of us have, ok, we don't go for intellectualising something with a sentence or a paragraph. Note that distinction, its actually a big deal. um, OK..

so according to this information.. and may not be complete or the whole picture, alirght, but according to this information its a matter of ht light forces which includes us taking control of that particular pit, alright, um.. officially Im not saying.. alright start reading between the lines here, OK, because I can only say so much until we’re up with the teams, within the safety and protection of that, OK, so

it might not be a case of right we have to take out that pit, blah blah blah, lets do it..

it might not be as simple as that

there may be more to it than that in terms of our role, assigned tasks, at the right moment, so sort of again, detach, for lack of a better term, um..

‘Until very recently, Light Forces around the Earth were still subjected to quantum anomaly to a degree that kept them frozen in fear of the toplet bomb retaliations, hence their inaction.’

OK, so that really.. I don't know, tied their hands, not completely, but to an 80% degree,

again, the 144K was there putting the extreme emphasis on dealing with that..

that very volatile, precarious situation regarding the toplet bombs, ‘hence their inaction’

alright, a very big.. Im not.. big noting ourselves here, it just is what it is,

this is clinical and objective when I say a big kudos to the 144K for putting so much emphasis and focus on those damn toplet bombs, huge big deal, what we’ve done the past months in particular, quote hence their inaction

we don't want the light forces to have a lot of inaction, we want them to be here, support us even more, give us energy, and kick butt. that is what they are here for. Especially the warrior casts, this is what they are salivating over, in the divine sense of course, um, and

this has caused them a little bit of pain, OK, even though they’ve got it under control, due to their frequencies they operate within, but lets just say they haven't been happy, ‘hence their inaction’, alright.

‘Their fear had its roots in the quantum shock of 1996, when the dark forces were able to shock the quantum filed of the universe to a degree only experienced twice in this cosmic cycle’


Ok, so, thats profound, considering how how many billions and billions of years old this universe is and its only happened twice before, so yeah, 96’ was quite a big deal, in all the wrong ways, um..

‘since the moment of the Big Bang, and at the moment of the creation of the dark forces millions of years ago’. the creation of the dark forces millions of years ago.. thats around about 5 million years ago, ok, plus or minus 100,000 years give or take, and, it does admittedly bring me back, or remind me of the time I did my very first past life regression thing, what I call soul fragment retrieval

it was approximately 5 million years ago

where things in the 4D and 3D started to express themselves as actual military compact, as engagements, OK, um.. you know, so, yeah.. its around about a 5 million year saga

and we are very close to the end of it, which is why you do not want to drop the ball, tats why the white hats have been pretty damn careful in taking the time it needs because we wont get this opportunity again, yes its frustrating and its slow but all things considered it is freaking working

try to appreciate the nature of war, the nature of struggle, of immense challenge and the immense rewards that come because of it, OK, to quote Thomas Paine[?], who I strongly identify with..

so I’m just going to finish up with the RMs intel here..

‘The shock of 1996 has weakened the connection of the whole manifested universe with Buddhic and higher planes,’

meaning higher dimensions in general, meaning higher planes in general, not good..

‘ and this has resulted in diminished power of Light and increased power of darkness’.

again, thank god for the actions of all the light forces, but certainly physical Terans with our mass meditations and individual energy work, because that has been so needed and instrumental in resolving that particular issue, when you are completely or heavily diminished in terms of your connection from 5D and up, it has a similar effect of being diminished and cut off from your own higher self and higher aspects, and yeah, as we’ve all found out, that is a problem! Alright, but, thanks to our diligence, dedication, commitment, consistency; largely resolved.

OK, where am I..

apologise.. it is hard to channel and have the mind in the left hemisphere 3D at the same time

‘This shock is finally being addressed now, as the total amount of quantum anomaly has fallen under a certain threshold’.

Again, congratulations to all of you who have participated, because we have achieved that threshold, way quicker than what it would have occurred with our physical conscious participation, and thats that.

‘The events of October 15th have jolted the Light Forces out of their toplet fear spell’

Now Im sure many of you can relate to that, where your, I dunno, something bad happens, you're knocked off centre mental and emotionally, and then you pull something out of the proverbial and you somehow got on top of that, did something you didn't even know you were capable of. OK, um.. certainly I know, I can relate to that, thats how I discovered soul fragment retrieval actually..

so they had quite an experience on October 15th, and you know, they've had to really go beyond their own boundaries, which thankfully they succeeded at.

right where are we now.. um..

‘..jolted the Light Forces out of their toplet fear spell and they are taking more action now and are accepting more reasonable amount of risks.’

OK, again that’s the nature of the last final moments of non-physical liberation, um, where physical liberation shortly follows as a result, thats the nature of it because as the energies improve more light comes down etc etc, you can take more risks and better handle that that extra risk and things get liberated and cleared quicker.

‘Nothing more can be said about the events of October 15th except the fact that the dark forces have crossed a certain unacceptable threshold, and the Light Forces have responded in a very proactive way that could trigger the toplet bombs’.


Now to me, before October 15th that would have um, been unacceptable, or in the area of they weren't able to have a grip on that risk, with regards to the toplet bombs, but now they can take the risk, because something has changed where they can handle that risk, where they can deal with the chain reaction thats part of how a toplet bomb detonates, which suggests that the quantum anomaly down to the physical level surface is really diminishing, and much more under control, therefore they can take that extra risk. thats huge, OK, really be aware and appreciate how huge that is, um, because if they can manage the risk of toplet bombs going off, because the quantum anomaly situation is way more under control, it means they can do more and do more quicker, which means quicker planetary liberation and freedom, um, and no doubt, our extremely deliberate and consistent action during our mass meditations on clearing quantum anomaly, at a minimum accelerated all of that.

umm, where are we, now things get interesting with these portals.. OK..

‘With this improved energy dynamics’,

another key phrase there,

‘improved energy dynamics’ really has changed everything

‘so called quantum insertion portals are beginning to open..’

alright. I suspect they were trying this in previous months but they weren't holding, and there was still too much darkness that would close them up again, OK, the way some of you have learnt to close dark portals within your respective persons, you know, same sort of thing

‘These portals are quick and effective flashes of Light that reach the quantum field on the surface of the planet..’


‘..and may bring rapid improvement of situations on the surface’.

OK, for now, hint hint, wink wink.

‘These portals are now still sporadic, rare and unstable, but are expected to improve’.

OK, so.. rare, sporadic and unstable means, OK, they can open up albeit brief, but we’ve improved the energy dynamics to the point the can start to happen and move forward form there, alright, Im sure you can logically extrapolate from there, again, I don’t want to reveal more until we are up with the teams and safe and protected, to reveal more as it relates to that..

‘The Light Forces are developing protocols that would utilize those portals and using Mjolnir technology, they would like to make them useful for the surface Lightworkers to improve their life situations’.

Alright, So.. one thing that negative scaler waves, negative beings..etc.. that.. the chimera, the darpa the negative military the CIA.. beam at us for.. and the reason they do it that it helps to accrete more quantum anomaly in our fields in our environment, it helps.. um.. what is the word Im looking for here, not necessarily black portals although that can happen..but.. it focuses and concentrates quantum anomaly in our respective fields.. and lo and behold our life sucks, OK, um..

so.. obviously we fight[? 33.01] that, we do the opposite in conscious deliberate conjunction with the off world groups who are using their technologies to clear the quantum anomaly.. and through a rather straight forward visualisation you can clear that extra quantum anomaly that they open up through their negative beams to your respective personal field, alright, so, again, the good news is.. is this is temporary, the.. Cobra has confirmed that the energetics have changed at a deep and fundamental level has reached a point we can really get on top of that, and we no longer have to suffer

because that is what has been, you know, burdening us, making life twice as hard as it needs to be, for, well, a while now, especially the last two years, OK

Many of you, if you reflect you’ll have an easy time that since early 2020, around March, everything just got harder, 2021-2022 things really got out of control, um, this is one of the reasons, the accretion opening up of quantum anomaly within our fields through darpa technologies from the physical, not so much the non-physical, thats another distinction..

um, so, if that doesn't help the rational mind understand that you are quite far from being just a civilian, when you get targeted by the negative military, much less darpa, the chimera controlled darpa, its hard to call you a civilian anymore.


[quick re-read of quote] ’The Light Forces are developing protocols that would utilize those portals and using Mjolnir technology, they would like to make them useful for the surface Lightworkers to improve their life situations’.

and.. you know, the light forces that are developing these protocols and technologies to clear this for surface light workers to improve our life situations, it isn't just for the sake of they love us, or that we’re are one of them.. it will emancipate and unravel our abilities, and have an even bigger impact on planetary liberation, because they need us, if we want to stabilise and heal and clear the planet much faster but without volatility and danger, OK, or reduction of it, they need us.. amplified, unravelled in terms of ability, OK..

‘Those portals are coming directly from the Source..’

which is pretty cool,

‘and theoretically speaking a quantum insertion portal big enough could even trigger the Event’,

Im going to read that again, because its hard to receive such high frequency.. frequency, in the form of, in the form of 3D verbals

‘Those portals are coming directly from Source, and theoretically speaking a quantum insertion portal big enough could even trigger the Event,’

..freaking huge..

‘although that is still very unlikely at this point’.

yet again, enter the 144K, alright, to flip that, we have the abilities, that is what we are here for, to flip that, to flip.. ‘that is still very unlikely at this point; to literally its opposite, ‘this is very likely at this point’, and that time space point is on its way, understand that.. of course.. the negative opposing forces, physical and non physical are already see this themselves, are freaking out, there may be some resistance, there may be a lot of resistance, don’t be perturbed by it, no understand its for the best of reasons, alright.. even though it sucks, understandable, just be diligent with your personal clearing, alright..

and just as a quick and important aside, I dunno, Id recommend, in the morning for a minute see your whole aura and non physical body, allow any micro black holes, alright, and quantum anomaly to appear and it appears instantaneously, and of course to the ration mind it will just look like a dark grey haze, OK, its.. again, its the intent that primarily drives thing, umm.. see that from a safe distance, turn anything .. you know, it will look like.. tiny little specks, a static, like those old black and white TVs, sorry that Im dating us.. umm.. and.. watch it all go white, intense white, hold the intention of closing all those micro black holes and quantum anomaly that infects us constantly, gee, no wonder life is hard and.. well what I prefer to do, you pick your own technique depending on what your energy system is built for.. see the white light from the top of the aura, kind of recede, leaving a beautiful green auric membrane, then start to see your head, pick your holographic, could be violet, could be golden, and you know,

that starts to appear and all the way down to your feet, you know, theres all sorts of techniques to do such a thing, if you don't have your own start with that, because again, everything depends on our respective talents and strengths as it relates to our energy fields, OK, so.. one of these quantum insertion portals, if big enough, could even trigger the event..

going to leave that with you to.. as an energy.. sit with you, sit with your field for a good 24-48 hours, alright.. you don't have to .. let it incubate, you don't have to work it out logically, just let it sit there, alright, within you, alright, and thats important by the way.

‘The Cabal, with their pandemic Reset plan completely disintegrating, is now trying to engineer the Reset through nuclear scare’

Alright, umm

‘They are aware of the coming Solar Flash, and they are preparing accordingly..

‘Their plans will not be successful, and the positive side is quietly preparing for our own positive version of the Reset.’

OK, um.. so.. alright, let me just finish here before I say something important..

‘The Light Forces have communicated that it is time to reactivate the Lightworkers on the surface of this planet again’

I said about I dunno.. I think it was a year ago, two years ago, that a good 95% of star seeds have been shut down.. OK.. can be reactivated most of them, many of them wont be.. umm, so, if you’re here, listening to this or watching this, you’ve actually done pretty damn well, all things considered, and if it was [up to] darkness they would have shut down 100% of us, and this meeting wouldn't have happened.. you know, mass meditations, especially 144K style wouldn't have happened and we would be on a very different timeline, OK, umm.. and that is what it is, so yeah it is kind of a privileged situation to just be here, umm.. and being a member, although, yes, it doesn't feel like it (background chuckle).. being in what is literally and technically hell.. you know, where everything is inverted back to front in every sense of the word, well how good is that going to feel, OK, um.. you know, we’ve just numbed ourselves to a 97% degree throughout the eons just to get to get through things


so ‘it is time to reactivate the Lightworkers on the surface of this planet again to assist in reactivating the Light grid.’

umm.. so, yes, but also to remove the extreme volatility and risk that was always expected to sort of increase as we come to that breakthrough, that liberation, you know, because, theoretically the chimera could flick a switch and boom everything gone, its all over, that was the situation for a long time, and the light forces are kinda getting pretty excited, OK,

I can feel it viscerally, let me know if you can.. over the fact if.. if they can make just a couple specific moves from the physical surface we can shut down this whole toplet bomb danger, thats it, they’re gonnas, finally, thats, thats the situation, alright.. they are really really hoping and praying and rooting for us, sending us a ton of energy, even though there is only so much they can do with direct intervention.. to just stick it out to get to those one or two specific extra moves, down to the wire, and toplet bomb gone, or dealt with, OK.. umm.. because they don't necessarily need to remove every single toplet bomb, they just have to create an energetic situation to where they can shut down or control the detonation of toplet bombs.. and then remove them whenever it suits them,

so keep that in mind for clarity and perspective. Alright..

‘For this reason, revival of physical Sisterhood of the Rose groups and other Light groups worldwide is recommended’.

So.. that implies so many groups to one degree or another were shut down or completely shut down, and again, with all respect, the 144K managed to stick with it and keep that light shining brightly, through some pretty hairy and dark moments, especially throughout 2022.. because many of you have been at this proving and demonstrating your dedication for years now, as relates to the 144K, cant call them mass meditations anymore, they are more like movie sagas and you stuck it out and refused to be deactivated, OK, umm.. that really has earnt, again with all respect to other active lightworkers, managed to not be deactivated, that really has earnt to you a lot of respect, and relief and appreciation from the off world groups, and inner earth groups.. OK, got a bad habit of forgetting them which is not cool.. Umm, you know, that really is huge, its made the difference.. because not for the first time I’m going to reiterate, re-emphasis how effective and active and activated we’ve been able to be in a disciplined, diligent operational way has been the single biggest wild card because.. what the inner earth groups do and been able to do, what the white hats have been able to do, what the off world light forces have been able to do, thats always been a.. kinda like a known quantity, and a predictable thing in terms of what they will do and can do, the unknown quantity that has been very hard to predict from.. both sides perspective is what us surface physical operatives have been able to do, or not do, when it comes to that right moment, thats been big unknown the big wild card, and the single biggest deciding factor. Its like.. you know, in politics, a bill, a controversial bill is being fought over and you know, one party has got 201 votes and the other party has got 204 or 3 of the other votes needed, and theres just 2 or 3 independents, 2% of seats of the house of reps thats going to decide everything, how its going to go, we are kinda like those, those 2 or 3 independents, that swings it one way or the other.. (exhale)

excuse the upsurge of emotion and intensity there.. (inhale, exhale)

you know.. nothing to get .. as intense and pivotal as that is.. don't let that throw you off your emotional balance, but that is how huge it is


let me move on.. so..

‘The Light Forces have communicated that it is time to reactivate the Lightworkers on the surface of this planet.’

umm.. its, funnily enough, its partly for their own sake to be able to breathe easier, they’ll see from where they are, all the ins and outs, all the risks, the broader holistic perspective, we are kinda lost in the mud here, we cant see everything, we can sought of see kinda whats directly in front of us, they see the whole picture, and, ah.. they are at that biting their lip intense moment, you know what I mean.. its hard to express it verbally.

alright, alright.. so thats the end of that, umm..

so that, I dunno, that yeah, brings perspective.. but, my goal in breaking that all down, going deeper within those sentences of cobra’s post.. is there.. my goal is to help you really connect with not just the situation a lot better, which upscales and prepares your energy system, your soul to.. be.. at the right time, at the right place in a more activated and unravelled way which is going to have a huge influence, its not just that but..

the inner earth and off world light forces, as well as the white hats on the surface.. they really wanna share with you what they’re experiencing, the intensities of what they are experiencing, and, and.. I dunno.. increase our connection with them, so that we are more unified, more that.. properly connected light mandala, OK.. that’s why Im hoping as many 144K members listen to this recording before the pivotal November 8th meditation.

It strengths.. it.. I dunno.. it reinforces, re- strengthens, expands on this.. multilayered light mandala that’s.. within.. middle err.. um.. inner earth and off world.. it strengthens that into one cohesive organisations.. do you think that would help? (laughing) OK? umm.. so yeah..

big deal. big deal. Something to take very seriously. Um, so this is great this post, its given us the reference points.. the conscious awareness and the clarity that comes with that to understand that through these inception portals, through these

greatly improved energy dynamics that allows the light forces to take bigger risks and still be able to control that bigger risk which allows quicker liberation.. this is huge. This is the environment we have been fighting so hard for.

You recall.. how intense.. the mass meditations in mid 2022, especially early and mid 2022, their intensities just increased, as though it wasn't crazy enough in 2021.. because the dark forces could sense this moment coming, so now its way more harder for them to control the situation, and far more commanding and safe for us to control the situation and see things through to planetary liberation, um.. you know.. its a case of consistent milestone breakthroughs.. and again, what the RM has shown us here has confirmed all of that, confirmed all those breakthroughs, umm..


before I open up the q and a section, let me just double check..

umm.. alright, the 144K is the main and only real wild card in the whole equation, yup, covered that.. umm.. alright..

post 11.11 will be decided during and on 8.11 and 11.11, alright, so..

sort of don't worry or don't put any time into trying to predict, or lay your own expectations about whats gonna happen, whats gonna happen after 11.11..

.. because our actions on 8.11 and 11.11 is just going change so much, decide SO much, that.. thats all you want to worry about, those two respective meditations, umm.. you know, so.. yeah.. mentally I wouldn't bother, I wouldn't really bother going past 11.11.

umm, there will be a certain point when we are going to do a good 5-10 minute visualisation of how we want things to go after 11.11, alright, um because from 8.11 - 11.11 theres.. still gonna be this various expressions, physical and non physical of, I dunno.. that last bit of resistance.. OK, until we push it through, on 11.11, and on the physical plane that will express itself as.. well, especially in America, you know.. err… suspiciously blue states and blue cities, or.. certain votes, a lot of votes are.. or the results are gonna be contested, or they [in air quotes:] ‘haven't finished counting all the ballots’, and.. that kind of thing, alright, umm..

Antifa, CIA mercenaries, BLM dressed up in maga, and clearly threatening people at polling stations, or boxes and blah blah blah.. you know, those are sort of examples of.. the physical forms of this still happening alright, just like the stand off of the OK coral, the stand off between 8.11 and 11.11, we stick with it, we know how to do that, which has brought victory.. thats now led us to this moment. where if we make those right energetic moves, yeah, boom.. OK, umm..

even if there is.. I’ll just call it to keep it broad, and not give too much away.. even if theres a huge energetic breakthrough, and lets just say.. if theres an explosion of light, I’ll leave it at that.. as a result of the 11.11 meditation, on the surface plane, umm.. the white hats are still gonna.. control things a certain way.. for the um, unawakened to be able to cope, receive, accrete, without their personal paradigms and worlds collapsing on them because understandably that is not going to help the grids as we move after 11.11

but don't worry, from our perspective once its safe enough for galactic as well as inner earth direct physical contact.. um, who cares!

The white hats will responsibility roll out the disclosures and releases on a consistent massive month and month basis that the unawakened can handle, well barely, but at the very least we’re gonna have.. initially might be clear and blatant images, telepathic auditory contact with off world groups, at least for the first few weeks.. before, you know, well, it will happen in all sorts of ways, it depends on what each star seed, each individual star seed is ready for.. how soon, err, inner earth or off world physical brethren standing in the physical right in front of us talking, how soon that happens, whether its weeks away or months away, its hard to see how soon that is going to happen at this point, past 11.11.. OK.. 11.11 is still that thick wall of smoke that is hard to see through, alright.. umm. anyway.. just to get that out of the way

‘AFTER our meditations, is when we'll discover whether the timeline scenarios Simon Parkes was given to relay to us will actually materialize’ [quote from Jims email]

alright so, why non of those are likely to happen, um.. alright, so the white hats, trying to make the dark hats.. whats the word.. paralyse by analyse, so in the state of fear and panic and ungroundedness the dark hats are in, the white hats are deliberately throwing all these.. essentially threats, but possibilities of what they going to do, and its really sort of paralysing, because now.. the dark hats can only prepare for one, at the very most two of those scenarios whilst theres still another 3 or 4 scenarios the white hats are planning and disclosing, OK, now at this point in time.. and so..

again, the dark hats are just pulling their hair out, wondering, ok, which one or two of these scenarios we can prepare against, and pray the other 4 scenarios don’t play out,

and.. and that is really screwing them up, um, because a huge advantage the white hats have is they got a superior looking glass technology, to use that reference point, so they know, um.. already what the dark hats are gonna prepare for, not so much do, but prepare for.. um.. despite their ultimate chimera backing thats, that's behind them, ultimately, alright, despite that

so.. still, at least this point in time the toplet bombs are still a bit of an issue, still a bit volatile, hence the usual - um, entry of the unknown quantity and wildcard known as the 144K, OK

yes there's other groups, very talented and amazing individuals that may do something themselves individually or with their own teams or in their sleep state, whatever,

but in terms of.. I dunno.. organised, noticeable deliberate organisation the 144K.. lets just is certainly at the tip of the spear, I’ll just say that much, alright.. umm.. again, don’t, don't worry, for lack of a better term, know that you are ultimately in charge if you are centred, calm, grounded, detached, connected to your higher self, doing that internal work clearing each morning..

because how do I put it, its hard to verbalize certain things.. don't be perturbed by however scary it might look because all the light forces, not just the white hats, they really are playing the game of um, I think its tai chi or certain martial arts.. you don't actually block.. the karate chop or kick or whatever, of your opponent.. you don't actually block it.. you not only go with it, but you actually assist their blow and help it.. support it, you know, let me help you with that, you know, that round house kick or whatever, and what obviously happens.. they overextend, off balance, through the art of non resistance and wam-o, OK.. totally extended and exposed, and its easy from there.. umm.. and the white hats can see those moves even before they happen, etc.

..again, that unknown quantity, that risk being the toplet bombs and the light forces ability to control that chain reaction of the detonation of the toplet bomb, thats.. and getting the energy situation to the point they can easily control that.. thats been the only hair raising part of the whole thing, other than that the light forces were confident with most other aspects of this planetary liberation process.

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