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1st Post April 4th - Mass Meditation Report

Actually ... I have two BEAUTIFUL Reports for you, that confirm our success & the release of all the soul-fragments of all these children.

First ... here's what I saw quite spontaneously just after the live feed cut-off, and boy did it confirm things (our completion & success).

I saw ... just over the top of a grain field, Gaia ... in her human form with her back to me & walking away [signifying ascension, while I was still in a lower density] ... holding the hands of a little girl & boy (one on each hand).

Both were happily talking to her, & she was walking them away from me, through the grain filed.

I suspect grain fields represent nurturing/sustenance.

And to top-it all off - (the crescendo ... drum-roll please):

INNOCENCE ... on all non-physical levels, alternate & parallel timelines & Universes, has RETURNED

For you wise ... worldly & learned ones - you know that the first two casualties of this war (which we've been in for millions of years, at this 3D/4D density) ... were TRUTH, and INNOCENCE.

NOW we are ready for ascension.

NOW we are ready for The Event

So brace yourselves !

And here's another report from a 144k Member already in, that was also very emotional & that you'll WANT to read.

" ... this truly is one of the most profound heart-touching mass meditations I have ever been part of. This is what I came to do here, this is all that mattered ... to free the children.

Only now I am crying tears of relief out of the horror from the darkness of the night, it seemed like it lasted lifetime after lifetime. The military will get through having gained strength knowing children will recover with love.

Several significant points in the USA, UK, - Balmoral ( Baal - loss of moral), Windsor Castle right on leylines, ramping up their dark plasma, being in the tunnels calling in all light teams spreading dissolving, transmuting. The same for Switzerland, the Netherlands and Belgium with the so-called 'royals', they tried to see us, but their powers are diminishing rapidly. We are gaining momentum.

I held children in my arms, sang soft songs, guided them up, streaming up into the big ball of light seeing them where they found healing, care, nurturing, soothing and a safe place to call home, family, & bring them back to life.

The sun came through at significant points during the meditation.

My energy got stronger with the minute, Gaia recovering, rejoicing ... bless her.

I'm also glad you brought us into our hearts so firmly, so glad I had brought our Sisterhood of the Rose group together for love light and life 

Thank you!

144k Member

And the news got better, because:

We had set-things-up for the 2nd (Cobra) Mass Meditation - which became FAR more powerful & effective, because we CLEARED this massive baggage off of Gaia!

If that doesn't motivate you, I don't know what will.



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