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Why the 144k Group starts before all other meditation groups

Mass Meditations are the ultimate tool for humanity to take back control of its destiny ... liberate the planet ... & re-establish Goddess energy as the primary governing energy on all plains of this planet.

However ... Mass Meditations are also & ultimately ... energy work too.

The real powerful ones, that is.

The ones that make the BIGGEST statement!

The ones that transmute EN-MASS ... on multiple frequencies, octaves & planes of existence ... at once.

I'm talking ... the ones that transform planetary situations FAST ... break deadlocks ... and show all unaligned forces who's really in charge ... To end all the garbage, slavery & pain of humanity & her animals.

To release all those suffering from perpetual heinous crimes, energy harvesting and restore our natural state of happiness ... prosperity & reunion with the galactic community ... SOONER, rather than later.

That's the only kind of mass meditation I'm interested in. I'm sure you're very much aligned with that!

So ... on to why we always start ahead of everyone else with 144k Mass Meditations.

1) We're dealing with the need for serious energy work.

And because mass meditations (the goods ones) are effectively, or literally, energy work ... we have to treat it as such.

Thanks to the nature of energy work, it often takes a while.

This is one reason why the 144k Group is starting much earlier than seemingly all other meditation groups.

Yes, we will be doing the 15min Cobra meditation at the eclipse maximum with the other groups, at exactly the same time. I will be playing the audio for that, at the right moment.

But ...

2) The 'not so nice' energies start to rise, even before the peak period on a major astrological event

... and someone has to be there, to transmute it, and not let it make its 'last-ditch-sneaky move' to try to prevent us meditators from reaching the full potential outcome of this massive & rare opportunity to regain our freedom.

And because I'm careful not to put too much energy into this, I'll just briefly mention there's a reasonable chance the Cabal will try at least one false-flag this Sunday or Saturday night, to try and 'downgrade' the energies in the hope of robbing humanity's chance to reach the full potential outcome of this massive & rare opportunity.

So think in terms of reaching the full potential outcome of this event.

3) The more we clear BEFORE the eclipse maximum, the higher (in timelines) we rise.

This is a little known distinction that must be known ... and acted upon.

Clearing EN-MASS just prior to a major astrological event, allows us to get much more ... actually ... a LOT more, out of the opportunity this presents.

To realize our dreams faster ... free humanity faster ... by hitting that highest timeline possibility with more certainty!

Therefore ... we're obligated to show up early!

4) Working from above the multiverse, with arguably unprecedented levels of Light & numbers of Light Beings,

takes a while to set-up

If you're a proud new 144k Member, be ready to follow along with a methodical ... strategic ... well planned & comparatively meticulous set-up process, to once again ... make the absolute most of this opportunity, and to 'have more effect'.

When I said we do advanced meditations on the page you originally landed on to discover us ... I wasn't kidding.

But fear not, if you're completely new to any kind of meditation ... energy work or visualizing, follow the tips I emailed you y'day, know that it's easier than you think ... and you'll be good-to-go!

144k Mass Meditation on the Lunar Eclipse

- Times & Links -

So ... with this prep email out of the way (two more inspirational ones coming tomorrow :- ) ... here's the times & join links, for the BIG ONE.


Date: 20th (US) 21st everywhere else, of January 2019

Join time: 10:30pm EST (US)

Start time: 10:45pm EST

Eclipse maximum: 12:05am EST

Join time for your time-zone:

Link to join ... and make history!:


Let's make it happen. Start building up your energy for it!

Yours in service

The Unknown Lightwarrior


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