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Superbowl 33:333 Ritual Countered, Cabal Dens Quarantined? FM144 Intel Analysis + MUCH More

As always … it’s all happening here at 144k HQ, with 3 main intel/events analysis explained in full. Beginning with:

Latest attempt to drop the timelines by the dark ones

a big dark vortex opened by Luciferians/Black Magicians/Cabal types through human sacrifice ritual directly under the football field the Superbowl was held on last Sunday – I’ll brief you on how that was countered … what happened … and what the number 33:333 has to do with it - not to mentioned that it was planned to happen during the 0202-2020 Gateway in the USA.

FM144 reveals that Black Covens/Chimera can’t do much during Mass Meditations, only after

It’s a huge (and as with most cases, unrecognized) breakthrough that Black Covens/Chimera can’t do much during Mass Meditations, but they can afterwards. Tune in to find out what must be done to shut down what they attempt after successful mass meditations, to prevent them from dropping the timelines again, which … although the altered timelines would still be higher than the timeline before a major meditation, still lowers the full potential or initial highest timeline we initially reach after most meditations .

FM144 explains why heavy duty energy work was needed after the 10/11/12 of Jan Meditations

I’ll be giving more info on the technological nature of the Chimera web, that traps souls at night. But also how Archons & plasma octopi needed serious clearing after the 10/11/12 too.

Open letter of protest to the Galactic Confederation – Take souls up temporarily for healing … NOT permanently

Few have realized, per FM144’s latest intel, that taking Starseed souls up to their ships - leaving little or no ‘troops on the ground’ here … which also results in susceptibility for negative occupants to move in & wreak havoc through vacant avatars … is fundamentally counter productive. A letter of protest has been given to them, through FM144. Let’s see what the response will be, (assuming that it’ll be public).

What the Light Forces had to do, and abide by, before taking more of the Starseed’s souls up to their ships

And... are there certain key Starseeds who are able to bring MORE of their soul into their bodies? ...and why this is needed, while other are allowed to -mostly- evacuate their physical avatars. And the hidden scenario of how Starseed souls may return fully back into Starseed’s avatars

We worked so hard to avoid a ‘scorched earth’ timeline. Now is not the time to ‘fold’ and leave, when darkness is flat on its back!

With the reported “10% - 20% of the soul originally incarnated in a Starseed’s avatar” now in the body, it makes our massive victories look hollow, just when we’re on the brink of the complete defeat of darkness. Tune in to find out more about why the strategic military mind of Galactic Confederation Command is now under question, and what this may force us to do.

This is what our attitude must be, to all souls … Starseeds or not …. to rise to the Event timeline. All souls must & CAN be evacuated, if the cataclysm timeline can’t be avoided or if it somehow serves a higher natural purpose.

This is what LOVE looks like


What To Shine The Transmutational Light of Your Consciousness On, This Week!

Tune in to this week’s show to also learn about:

  • the 144k is on notice regarding the situation with the corona virus, as some proof of a positive faction within the Mossad, states “… this is the last stand for the Cabal, the world is waking up to their lies...”

  • is the US President’s [White Hats] quarantining the stereotypical Cabal strongholds of Chicago … New York … L.A … Seattle … and head Luciferian Michael Aquino’s home town of San Francisco – over the corona virus?    … Or is it a cover for rounding up the top remaining Cabal networks?

  • are the global White Hat alliances (Earth Alliance) in the West & within China allowing the Cabal to have limited success with the corona virus, as a way to bring negative factions within China (tricked & bribed by the Cabal that “it’s their turn to rule the world”) to heel?

  • or is this the plan of the Higher-Dimensionals?

  • or is all part of a plan to justify a massive wholesale assassination campaign against remaining Cabal members?

  • why Chinese Secret Societies & the Pentagon making all intel on the physical plane go "deep-black" – could be a sign that a massive move against “Chinese hardliners” (negative or bribed Chinese factions) could be in the works … rather than an overt conventional military war between the US & China  

As always … it’s going to be another awesome uplifting episode of Ground Crew Command Radio

Tune in by clicking the link below.

... because Ground Crew Command Radio is ...

... YOUR central support network; and your weekly dose of empowering clarity, inspiration & motivation to get you through the Archon invented "work week".

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