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Solar Eclipse Report Part I: Atlantis & America

Unlocking The Freedom Key of The Planet

Firstly … CONGRATULATIONS to all of you … the United Continental Army of Lightworkers … for stepping up to the plate … for throwing your full transmutational weight behind this massive effort to free the planet, yourself, and your loved ones!

YOU … were so needed!

The preliminary report from Cobra (first-hand off-world information) is positive & very encouraging.

We now have to let the inevitably massive amount of dust to settle, to see where everything landed.

As you read the information below, know that ALL of the clearings mentioned were all done for:

  • all alternate & parallel timelines

  • all alternate & parallel universes

  • all alternate & parallel realities

  • all respective alternate & parallel non-physical planes

  • all time/space throughout All-That-Is

  • from the space of Omnipresence, (yes … I know Omnipresence & the word ‘space’, is an oxymoron. But you know what I mean).

How this was done, and ‘why it was never done before’ … is also explained below.

I’ve done my best to keep this report as short & succinct as possible … but it was a FREAKING BIG CLEARING … As you’re about to find out.

Onwards …

The Collective Shadow Healing of the United States of America for Rebirth/Resurrection

So when a shadow is cast across the heart of America … from Coast to Coast … and upon no other country on the planet …

… hmmmmm, it doesn’t take the most brilliant intuitive to realize this was an ‘opening up of the collective shadow’ self of America, for all the collective wounds … bindings … contracts … agreements … curses … and archetypal blocks … (you get the point) … to surface, for transmutation & healing.

As with each of us, this had to be dealt with for America as an entity, for her to once again become the true light of Liberty, justice, and freedom … in the pursuit of happiness. For her to get back into alignment with her original purpose:

The truly free country that stood up to bloodline rule … European feudalism … and all forms of tyranny … and WON.

The example to the rest of the world … to therefore be able to lead the rest of the world to planetary liberation!

“America …. Is the freedom key of the planet”

Drake Bailey, 2015

No population [in modern times] has been more targeted [Cabal social engineering programs & ‘soft kill’ methods] than Americans”


For those who don’t know … St Germain & Ascended Masters literally had a hand in crafting the Constitution.

The Founding fathers were POSITIVE Freemasons … creating America with the express intent to - set things right – with regard to the takeover & ensuing tragedy of Atlantis.

To resurrect Atlantis …

All traumas of the four main racial tribes were CLEARED. Soul fragments retrieved, curses & contracts revoked, etc.

Beginning with Native Americans … having been wiped away thanks to population replacement and genocide from continuous … non-assimilating (to their culture & values) MASS immigration … mostly from Europe, (history has shown that military occupation alone is not enough to replace a native population).

Europeans … who literally came here over centuries just to escape tyrannical feudalism of bloodline rule.

Asian immigrants...indentured servitude lasting a lifetime...with no way to assimilate into the dominant culture.

African immigrants … forced against their free-will here, with even less rights than what Europeans had back in Europe, and add to that the trauma of overt slavery!

To keep this article as short as possible, I’ll just add that wounds of all wars, and contracts/agreements such as the Virginia Corporation Act of 1783 reenacted, the Rothchild Banking license renewed in 1814, the DC Corporation Act of 1871, the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 … etc, all revoked… (it has to happen energetically first, so it can be ACTUALIZED in the physical).

“Liberate America … and the rest of the planet will follow.

... The Cabal won’t stand a chance …”

The Unknown Lightwarrior

(C) Marvel Comics

The Takeover of Atlantis & its Cataclysm Was The ‘Core Causal’ Trauma of America

As you know … events/traumas from your past incarnations generally repeat themselves if not cleared effectively.

America … formerly Atlantis, is no different.

All aspects of this Cabal takeover & cataclysm of Atlantis was all cleared … all soul fragments retrieved (2nd phase) … all karmic imprints/loops erased (and the whole list of such things I won’t go into here, to save time and keep things short).

All-Out-Transmutational Clearing of Eclipse-Day, Dark Network Rituals in Real Time

So in the past, anyone publicizing such information would either wind up dead, (mostly via Cabal scalar tech triggering things like cancer or car accidents or heart attacks) or be invited to join the Cabal; quickly followed by a threat to friends & family.

Thankfully, a certain critical mass amount of non-physical clearing (resulting in physical weakening of the Cabal despite Corey, Wilcock & Pete Peterson ‘copping it’ recently), has made a big difference (more explained below).

So … there was the inevitable heavy concentration of vortexes … portals … wormholes (depending on the kind, type or level of darkness/entities) in & around the ritual sacrifice zones, mostly from the plasma plane at this stage, but demonic kingdom type entities were also there (don’t worry … all were WIPED OUT … all the way to their sources).

Of course, all types … kinds … shapes … forms … and amorphous type entities/darkness that were invoked & present on either side of the aforementioned conduits were thoroughly cleared.

These rituals were occurring throughout the major cities & towns of North America, Europe … and to a much lesser extent, the Middle East, Africa, Latin America, Australia, New Zealand … and of course, Antarctica.

The Mass Healing & Soul Fragment Retrieval of Ritual Sacrifice & MK Ultra Victims

This started with real-time victims on Eclipse day, and then moved to mass soul fragment retrieval of all MK Ultra & ritual sacrifice victims through history on this planet … including all alternate & parallel timelines … all alternate & parallel universes … all alternate & parallel realities … all respective alternate & parallel non-physical planes … and all time/space through-out all-that-is … from the space of Omnipresence.

Opening a vortex through the Moon channeling Divine Feminine & Masculine energies onto America as it passed over this re-incarnation of Atlantis.

Such astrological alignments often open up portals/vortexes. I was guided to consciously open a divine masculine & divine feminine vortex through the Sun, moon & earth alignment, for reasons that I have to keep classified.

Plasma Toplet Bombs … Yaldabaoth … Plasma Anomaly … Black Stone … Negative Entities & Remaining Chimera & Archon Grid Removal.

In terms of linear time, it’s hard to say when all this transmutation & removal of all the above on the non-physical planes will be actualized. Even if it did actualize in a real-time linear way here on the physical, the tachyon membrane (by the positive ETs) still prevents profound visceral noticeability of energetic changes here on the physical.

All aspects … permutations & expressions of Plasma Toplet Bombs … Yaldabaoth … Plasma Anomaly … Black Stone … & Remaining Chimera & Archon Grids, entities, were ruthlessly transmuted … as always, from the space of Omnipresence, throughout all octaves/frequencies of all non-physical planes (at this late stage, primarily the plasma plane).

… and all of these were also cleared within these planes:

  • Wormholes

  • Portals

  • Quantum level particles (within the toroidal structure of said particles).

  • Intensely fortified electromagnetic (and other types) of spheres (mostly quantum size too)

  • within negative entities

  • within well hidden bases of entities & fortified structural protections of Archon/Chimera grids & respective infrastructure.

  • Yaldabaoth of course

  • Within the folds of space/time continuum

  • Within the remaining primary plasma anomaly

As emphasized before … such vast levels of clearing could not be done without:

  • Macro-level Light Beings from way beyond the whole multi-verse

  • From the space of Omnipresence

  • Other elements I can’t get into (all of which explains the kind of testimonials we’ve gotten with the 4 Phase Healing and Clearing System)

  • 144,000 people participation

  • … and, it was time!

… meaning, (primarily) Earth has reached a critical mass amount of clearing & healing of all it’s layers of darkness presence, wounding & such things as archetypal planetary blocks … that all made it possible to finally ‘go all the way’. Not dis-similar to when fax machines reached a critical mass amount of proliferation within the matrix … and then you’d see them everywhere.

As always, tune in to your own higher-self to gauge the extent of this clearing. The good news is … at a minimum, this will have greatly assisted the galactics & no-physical light forces in ‘cleaning house’.

It’s All About Doing Everything You Can … With Everything You Got

So … let’s just say all the above, was all ‘BS’ … or nowhere near as successful…

Nothing still changes the fact that:

I Gave My Heart … and Everything I Had … With Every Tear … and Drop of Blood Throughout Thousands of Incarnations

… For Gaia … The Innocent … The Truth … All The Souls … Goddess … The Pure

… For Final Liberation.

If you can say the same, by having been with all of us on this fateful day of August 21st 2017 during the eclipse …

… then you can stand PROUD

… you can stand TALL

… you did not waver

… you stood for everything you had

… you stood for everything you’ve been through

… thus, I AM proud & honored … to have stood next to you … on that fateful day.

Now walk tall … and proud

… beloved Lightworker.


The Unknown Lightwarrior: a member of a small but powerful team of Lightwarriors & Lightworkers who either remotely or in person, clear & restore to the Light; natural and man made power centers, vortexes, portals, ley-lines, control rooms, sacred geometry and all darkness obstacles on the etheric, astral, and plasmatic planes… to put you, me and the whole planet on the fastest timeline to The Event. To learn about their current project, and or, to access powerful healing (down to soul level) ... clearing ... energy surgery ... DNA Activation & psychic help, with Macro Level Light Beings, and return to your power ... go to: ... and hit the Share button.

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