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144k RE-LAYS & RESETS the Flower Of Life! Massive White-Hat 4th of July Statement right after -

Wow … what another massive - 144k show of gallantry!

As always, many reported profound experiences. Typical of a 144k Mass Meditation/Intervention.

As if our Solstice Meditation wasn’t crazy enough … this time we also re-laid and/or reset (depending on which plane) the Flower Of Life … the MASTER sacred geometry on this planet … on EACH of the higher and lower planes of existence.

That’s etheric plane … astral plane … plasma plane … mental plane & physical plane!

Now we’re REALLY in charge of this reality.

It sure took a lot of MASS-Transmutation of all the ‘resistance’ to make all this possible … and for the Flower-of-Life to HOLD, after our meditation/intervention.

And we did it.

Here are just a few reports from the Solstice Meditation...(reports on the Solar Eclipse meditation are still filtering int):

... 144k Member from Middletown, Connecticut

" ... I stood outside in the pouring rain with my bare feet on the Goddess leyline, calling in Gaia, Athena, the Teams, and all the beings of light who love this planet. My intention was to anchor in all the beautiful energy of the loving hearts participating in this meditation and communicate this to Gaia…that we love her.

Once the meditation started, I began to sob. It was as if Gaia felt all that love and reverence for her…when she hadn’t been able to feel it before… I felt like I was processing her feelings about it through my body.

Then once the meditation was in full swing, I saw the Temple of the Sun light up in golden light in Teotihuacan, Mexico and I saw the Temple of Jupiter light up in golden light in Damascus, Syria… and I saw these golden light explosions happening all along this leyline… particularly in the spots where the 144k were standing to anchor in the energy of this beautiful meditation.

Then I began to see the violet flame swirling around the spots where the cabal had built structures on the leyline, transmuting and healing the leyline, which is one of the meridians in Gaia’s body.

I truly felt Gaia receive this love and I felt this healing happening in this wonderful moment when we all collectively sent out our intentions and our desire to clear the Goddess leyline and heal Gaia with the love emanating from our hearts. I also felt all the light beings present, working through our energy systems as we did this..."

144k Member from Boston, Massachusetts

" ... When we worked on our own towards the end, I was drawn to work on the North Pole area, as I saw a dark negative portal there. It looked like a dark tornado. I felt the purpose was not only to contribute to the melting of the ice caps, but to distort geomagnetic North, which has been migrating in location for years. (There are YouTube videos of Innuit Elders speaking about this, which I discovered after noticing the sun was setting in a different location than in previous years.)

Anyway, I blasted the area with light and it seemed to significantly diminish the negative vortex, though more work is needed. At one point, a small Maple leaf drifted down, falling on my carpet, like a thank you. A sign from spirit. Another Maple twig fell soon after, as if to confirm a job well done..."

144k Member from Ohio, near Lake Erie

This isn't my first 144 meditation, but it's the first time I've had an experience strong enough to share. Most of the time I see things just before or as Jim describes them (to the point of it being a little uncanny actually. I used my focus on transmuting all aspects of mind control technology, and eliminating the frequencies being broadcast. I feel like so much could shift if people's minds could be free from the technological manipulation, so this was important to me. It began with me seeing what looked like trillions upon trillions of little acupuncture needles being sucked up and out of the Earth's surface. This cleared up the "fog" to see better, where I was then able to focus golden light down onto the "cables" in between the transmitters. I used the golden light to slice the cables and then travel it up each side to their originating source, where they were then given yet more light. This continued for most of the meditation.

Then the 15 minute pre-recorded audio was AMAZING. When the part about all the pieces of of the holy grail coming together was said, it rang me like a bell & gave me massive chills (in a good way). WOW.

As I was scanning for more areas needing work, I really got caught off guard when I sent light to the Cleveland Ohio hospital where a loved one begins cancer treatment today. (I had put a Buddhic column above 2 days previously) As I was doing this, I heard a shrieking sound and saw what looked like a thin but very angry black tornado whipping around above the general area of the hospital. The sound really caught me off guard. It was angry, agitated and doing all it could to avoid the gentle pink healing light I was attempting to cover its area with, whipping around like a child having a tantrum.

Upon further inspection, I saw it was being powered by a much deeper "well" underneath the surface that was narrow on top (where the tornado was emanating), but much wider and deeper below. To me it looked like an octopus but upside down - with tentacles going in the directions of this hospital's subsidiaries. This really was great in a way, because my location is on the same latitude coordinate as their smaller local affiliate hospital. So I asked for help from the teams & Archangel Michael to contain & transmute the darkness from the main well, and then I sent my own pink light through the Earth where I was sitting straight west of me to the tentacle closest to me. I then imagined the teams & other 144 members doing the same from their locations for the other tentacles. Once the arms were under control I focused pink healing Goddess energy filling the (now) empty main well - like liquid Rose Quartz :) As the liquid light crystallized, I programmed it using the mantra "We Love All, and We Harm None". I said this intention over and over as the Rose Quartz energy solidified into a beautiful, rock solid crystal programmed with unwavering loving intent.

This hospital is world renowned, and many consider it the go-to place for (mainstream) cancer treatments, but I'm starting to wonder if its reputation isn't tied in with some mind control. Interesting that mind control was my focus during the first half of the meditation...

144k Member from Mexico at the Pyramid of the Moon, Teotihuacan, Mexico

We took a bus to Mexico City and another to the Teotihuacan pyramids and back, but I wanted to tell you briefly how the trip was ... mission accomplished !!

Even though there were setbacks I managed to get there and planted the Cintamani next to the Pyramid of the Moon, and then meditate for a while.

The place has so much energy that it is exhausting.

One of the setbacks (or it seemed that way at first) was that the driver of the second bus to the pyramids never stopped the bus at the first gate so we went down to the third, right at the Pyramid of the Moon! The pyramid of the goddess! The first thing I did arriving at the place was to sit down and meditate and for a moment I needed to find where to sit because I had an episode of arrhythmia and tachycardia that fortunately I could control. I do not know if it was an attack or my heart chakra was active and expanded. Everything happens for a reason. And the meditation was very powerful in this spot.

It was CRUCIAL the 144k got a grip on these July energies!

Here’s another excerpt from Joe – … yet another reason why we had to take charge & safely steer the energies (thus, Gaia) in a much better direction / timeline.

“ … Anytime macho Mars is in a difficult alignment with explosive Uranus there is always this feeling of high current electricity in the air and anything is possible. Both these planets are very unpredictable and accident prone. With so much push and pull cosmic activity in the first two weeks of July, it’s sure to be a wild ride for many. I would suggest spending time with good friends and especially your family and try not to get into any unnecessary bickering…”

… and this crucial one:

“ … On July 2nd the New Moon/ Solar Eclipse in Cancer will act as a cosmic reset. All Solar Eclipses are associated with new beginnings, and this New Moon only amplifies it even more thanks to its connection to futurist Uranus … “

White Hats Stand-off with the Bloodlines / Cabal / Deep-state … on July 4th.

Never before has there been so much emphasis on the military, on any 4th of July Presidential speech & celebration!

This was clearly a deliberate show of force by the White-Hats … against the vast but increasingly diminishing Cabal network.

With songs like “ The Battle Hymn of the Republic“ … the message from the White Hats is clear:

“ … all military branches are UNITED, we will defeat you … the [non-privately owned corporate USA] Republic is coming back … God [Christian version of Source] is here, with us, and you can take your nihilism … and you know what you can do with it!”.

If you’re more the ‘Pleiadean – non-violent – Goddessy type’ … you have to understand something, regarding this military show-of-force that’s part of the planetary liberation process … which is best explained by Joe of once again:

“ … This lunation will be asking us to be more open to new experiences and opportunities, but not place expectations on how it will look, what kind of people we will meet or what will happen. That’s because we’ll likely be wrong! At the same time, be willing to reflect upon what is happening on the inside as well. Chances are this massive energetic shift will cause a stirring from within that may surprise you. Do not shy from this but instead welcome any divinely given guidance and abundance. This cosmic event will likely be the start of something amazing… “

Well done to all of you!

The White Hats are ;leading the charge on the physical ... we're leading the charge pretty much everywhere else ... (meaning, most of "reality" is non-physical)!

Onwards we march ... side by side with the White-Hats & Goddess/Source at our side!

Yours In Service ...

The Unknown Lightwarrior


The host of Ground Crew Command Radio & organizer of the 144,000 Activation Campaign is The Unknown Lightwarrior: a member of a powerful team of Lightwarriors & Lightworkers who either remotely or in person, clear & restore to the Light; natural and man made power centers, vortexes, portals, ley-lines, control rooms, sacred geometry and all darkness obstacles on the etheric, astral, and plasma planes… to put you, me and the whole planet on the fastest timeline to the Event. To learn about the Global Leylines Tachyon Chamber Project, and/or the Activation of the 144,000 Campaign, or to access powerful healing (down to soul level) ... clearing ... energy surgery ... DNA Activation & psychic help, with Macro Level Light Beings to return to your power ... go to: and/or

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